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first_imgMaster horologist François-Paul Journe presented his first collection of prestigious writing instruments. Unique in both design and innovation, the collection is entirely made in platinum PT 950 or 18K gold, the same precious metals as his exclusive watch creations. Produced in Limited Edition of 500 each, and entirely guilloché by hand in the finest tradition of artisan craftsmanship, each fountain pen and roller is lacquered to provide a more pleasing sensation while writing.His inspiration was to create a new-concept fountain pen without a cap, one with which he could sketch his movements and would be as comfortable, elegant and innovative as his timepieces. The result is his highly original retractable system, registered with a patent, whereby the extremity of the pen comprises 6 flaps that open and close much like the delicate petals of a flower.The collection will be available in December 2008 in the 5 exclusive F.P.Journe boutiques in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Geneva, Boca Raton, and Paris.To see the pen:

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