braised chicken Steamed Rice Chinese as one of the ten major brands in the Chinese fast food, life has been very common, in the market is like braised chicken Steamed Rice has been fully integrated into the minds of the consumer products in the food and beverage market has a firm foothold, so to open an own braised chicken rice restaurant no wrong. But now on the market of the yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice very much, there are a lot of different brands, many products are more or less the same, when many joined the choice, don’t know what to choose a good brand, Xiao Bian to recommend Teng Yu Kee braised chicken Steamed Rice read more

At the same time

change and improve the living standards of the people’s consumption demand, such as the catering industry, before we go to the restaurant and eat is full, now go to the restaurant, we eat is the atmosphere. Especially the restaurant has a good dining environment and is very important, in the quiet space, listen to the elegant music, enjoying the delicacy, looking out of the window which is what People are hurrying to and fro. comfortable life. Therefore, the style of the west restaurant is very important. read more

China community has been generally aware of the role of business incubators entrepreneurial work, nearly two years China everywhere, actively build a business park area, to help entrepreneurs early successfully embark on the road of entrepreneurship, wings for innovation and entrepreneurship.

to promote innovation, promote entrepreneurship, realize industrial park two rapid development of Hunan Province, Nanxian economic development zone is a Provincial Park, according to the spirit of the Hunan provincial government to carry out the "development" Innovation Park "135" project documentation requirements, determined to park construction in the heart, the standardization of plant construction and business park functional area the construction of the promoter demonstration park will create a beautiful park, precise management. read more

entrepreneurial heroes exchange is an opportunity for entrepreneurial talent can not be missed, a good platform to help entrepreneurs better realize the entrepreneurial dream. Now, "entrepreneurial heroes meeting" Peking University station total runoff has been kicked off.

4 6, by CCTV financial channel, Peking University Alumni Association, CO sponsored by the Peking University entrepreneurship training camp hosted the "entrepreneurial heroes meeting" audition station of Peking University Finals held in Yingjie Exchange Center of Peking university. Chen Yongli, Secretary of the Communist Youth League of Peking University, CCTV financial channel, entrepreneurial heroes exchange producer, director general Yan Qiong attended the event. read more

The development of

industry, this is Home Furnishing soon as everyone knows things, but now for entrepreneurs, want to make money is not easy to open a shop open now Home Furnishing, Home Furnishing joined decoration dealership can get developed very fast. So how to manage the home decoration stores to join the business is booming, a lot of people want to run the home to join the distribution of the decoration of the entrepreneurs are concerned about this issue. Pay attention to the way to do business shop, home decoration stores to join investors as long as the master some methods and techniques and rational use, profitability is not difficult. Xiao Bian here to tell you about the way to open the home to join the distribution of the relevant methods.

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in recent years, a lot of female entrepreneurs, many successful cases. Female friends in order to realize the dream of entrepreneurship, we must know how to use clever. Female entrepreneurs and men have different characteristics. Female image perception ability, such as clothing stores, dessert shops are suitable for women entrepreneurs. The following Xiaobian introduce a number of this year is very suitable for female entrepreneurs popular projects.

join the clothing storeThe

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now, the choice of entrepreneurial friends more and more. So, what do you understand about entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurship, as its name implies, is the cause of the founding. Since ancient times, entrepreneurs like a revolving stage interpretation of life, which is full of thorns, many hardships, setbacks and frustrations, even fail; at the same time, but also full of opportunities and challenges, experience success and joy, so many heroes jingzheyao, entrepreneurs never stop their pace, to pursue their own dreams. read more

believe that many people have entrepreneurial ideas, but many people were not put into action, mentioned for entrepreneurship, Xiaobian garment industry is good, clothing industry has a booming market demand, businesses to open a clothing store, is now a lot of entrepreneurs, we are attracted by the huge the market and profit, want to start your own business shop. When you open a clothing store, quite a lot of problems need to pay attention to, want to make money, but also in the operation of great effort. So, how to open a clothing store to make money. read more

we Chinese mainly to eat rice and pasta, even pasta, pasta is also a lot of people loyal fans, pasta as one of our traditional diet, in the continuous innovation and progress, in today’s food and beverage market, still got people love. Venture to open a noodle shop, is also a good choice, with their own delicious food, coupled with the intentions of the business, but also very profitable. However, I would like to open a noodle shop, but also a skill. So, how to open a noodle shop.

store address is very important. The choice of the store should be based on the location of the noodle business to be sure, according to the crowd you choose the most appropriate address, in order to occupy as much as possible market. For example, you intend to open a small, simple management of the noodle shop, you can locate in the community, commercial street, schools and other central. Noodle to distinctive features. Noodle features not only in taste, the noodles themselves to do There is much fineness in. read more

many people want to start their own businesses at home, so that they can take care of their families, but also save the high rent. So, do poineering work in the home what business is good? The following items are very rich, for many people who can not go out of the house, it is very suitable.

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in recent years, the dry cleaning industry has a good momentum of development, attracting a large number of entrepreneurs concern. In order to successfully open dry cleaning franchise, it is necessary to learn a lot of business skills. Investors in the dry cleaning shop how to get better development in the dry cleaning industry? The following Xiaobian to explain the relevant skills.

open dry cleaning franchise operators, first understand the customer needs. Before the shop to investigate the purpose of consumers to understand how they can accept the price, which products are more popular. The opening of this period of time a month before the popularity is very important, so the publicity must be in place, can design some unique DM in the shop around a. read more

Many of us

have been to college, should know the university life is very comfortable, a lot of spare time, you can do what you want to do, but basically are wasted, but also some college students are awesome, their own business, and business is doing well, let we went to see one of them!

"stall without cost Chutan night during the day can not delay the class, but also do not need booth fees, it is suitable for trying to sell clothes can make money." Li Ying said that with this idea, he began to look for the purchase channels, examined more than a month, he finally decided to purchase from Ji’nan. At the beginning of July, Li Ying officially Chutan.

Liantan do from the night market shop opened

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many people realize that the Internet is really a great business, want to create their own career here, but don’t know where to start, do not know how to conduct network business should be small, there will be through the specific steps of analysis, teach you to open an online store.

The conception of

1 and brain.

The first step is

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accessories with the continuous improvement of people’s living standard, now more and more attention to young people, for the love of fashion and trend of young people, every kind of jewelry, is the biggest attraction for the beauty of the girls, girls also is the largest consumption in jewelry industry, in the eyes of entrepreneurs, fashion jewelry investment join the industry is a good opportunity to open a fashion jewelry store, will be able to record industry first.

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is now all over the country are actively organized entrepreneurship competition, the purpose is to attract more entrepreneurs perspective, to help more entrepreneurs entrepreneurial activities, promote the social entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

16, sponsored by the Guangdong Youth League and invited the province’s fifteen departments and bureaus units associated with entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial platform "E coffee" hosted the 2015 Guangdong Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition roadshow will be staged in Guangzhou Tianhe Sports center. read more