coffee to join the project choice, is a very market choice. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the Perth Kutcher coffee project, is very has the advantage of choice. How about coffee? Brand loved by consumers!

Perth Kutcher coffee franchise to make money?

, a shop must choose a good location, if not good at the location you can to help the general headquarters, headquarters will assist the franchisee location. The use of location advantages to get enough traffic, in order to ensure the profit of the coffee shop. read more

The development of

China economy is relying on the joint efforts of all walks of life can be so, all industries are also of course between the interests of the community, and economic development can bring them a better development of the catering industry, so the pasta industry is even more so. Food and beverage franchise brand to join, do not know what to choose? Xiaobian for everyone to recommend several. Hope to help the majority of food and beverage investors.

South flour North

South flour brand after years of operation, with its high quality products and excellent service has been widely praised by the industry. Although the North South flour is now very brilliant performance, but it did not meet. Today, the south is still in the face of continuous innovation and reform, and strive to make the brand more perfect. Excellent brands never lack of suitors, the northern side of the southern powder. Be able to open so many stores in the country, is the best proof of the strength of the North South flour. read more

2016 Chengdu marathon run, the scene is very lively, the "quasi airline stewardess" and "empty" is the strength of the suction eye, the following Xiaobian a look at Chengdu double marathon!

3 27, Chengdu double marathon in Dujiangyan successful conclusion. The Chengdu double left marathon is held in Chengdu in 1986 after the international marathon marathon race, but also the largest in the western region, the largest number of events. Attracted a total of more than 3 domestic and foreign runners to participate in the competition. Kibet from Kenya won the Marathon Championship, and the women’s champion is Mongolia’s Mongolia quesa sub · gbaya tesuo lattice obtained. read more

Chinese pie to join the project has a lot of brands, of which you are a very good pie pie project, if you are interested in pie, you can join the brand.

is the first Ji’nan guiya pie Catering Management Consulting Co. Ltd., under the brand name, headquarters is located in the beautiful city of Ji’nan, after nearly ten years of development, the company office area of more than 3 thousand square meters, amounting to more than 5000 people business cooperation. The company is committed to the development of food and beverage, food and beverage management, catering operations, chain operations of the four core business. To the beginning of 2016, the company co OP stores all over the country 31 provinces and cities, the number reached more than 1800. So how do you join? read more

What is the inevitability of

catering? That is as long as the person exists it must solve the problem of food and clothing of the most basic, although now Chinese clothing is not one of the most important issues, but indefinite time, uncertain time, food and clothing is still the most important, and what is the traditional food Chinese solved the problem of food and clothing, of course Gerrard Steamed Buns. It is fast economic Steamed Buns buns must, mass consumption ability, all the year round hot investment, big and small, has been the nine flavor soup is VC read more

only after the exercise, in order to see the dawn of success in order to have wealth in the future. You know, everyone’s entrepreneurial path is not easy. This year is the tenth year of the public comment CEO Zhang Tao and the United States Mission CEO Wang xing. They returned to Shanghai and Beijing from the United States in the early 2003 and the end of the year.

The same as the
read more

now fast food market has been very hot, for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the fast food market, is a very good choice. How about 100? High quality projects, worry free venture trustworthy!

from the beginning of April 20th, the Ministry of Peng Long family of Beijing flavor curry 8 restaurant chain restaurants, for up to 5 consecutive days of a comprehensive investigation. It is very much in favor of the operation management system of "100 curry" restaurant in Beijing flavor hundred food chain service Co., ltd.. Through a detailed analysis of the Ministry of Commerce Hong Yu letter manager explained, confidence in the investment "taste 100 curry restaurant earnings expectations. In particular, through the taste of Beijing "flavor curry" restaurant chain restaurant brand of a number of products that taste is really good! Very suitable for the local restaurant chain in Nanchang market. "Taste 100 curry restaurant chain restaurant dishes attracted a series of long Peng Department of one family, so the rich dishes for customers to choose, it’s no wonder that Beijing" hundred taste curry restaurant chain restaurant business is so hot. Today Beijing Flavor Restaurant Chain Service Co. Ltd. hundred self-developed Z3 business network system also let them praise: the taste of Beijing 100 company as a partner to the really very thoughtful. Business "taste hundred curry restaurant chain restaurant brand, really worry! Headquarters every month according to the business situation of the restaurant, issued by the financial analysis report, guiding the partners of goods import and sale, storage management, real-time operation of the restaurant give guidance. The headquarters of the seasonal restaurant chain to track changes and reflect the ability of Internet information communication platform operation ability, let the minister Peng son of a business "taste hundred curry restaurant chain restaurant brand confidence, must cherish the opportunities for cooperation, started the" hundred taste curry restaurant chain in Nanchang first shot! Let 100 food taste brand chain restaurant in Nanchang city of the heroes of sustainable management, carry forward our contributions to the "100 curry flavor" brand. read more

online entrepreneurship can do? In the face of increasingly fierce competition, how to transform the online platform? These are actually entrepreneurs need to face the problem. Many entrepreneurs do not know how to solve the situation on the basis of simple imitation to change the dilemma, and with the development of the entire Internet industry, Xiao Bian remind you, online business can not always rely on imitation.

in today’s network, more and more young people are calling to start a business. But now China’s Internet rules and interest groups have formed a chain, entrepreneurship is not as easy as a decade ago. Renren President Shen Boyang recalled: in 2010, he has been responsible for the network of foreign cooperation and open platform, he proposed the idea of buying. read more

everyone in the business process of the client and how to have a set of their own, which many people are trying to do sales with customers to establish friendly relationship, but my opinion is just the opposite, don’t make friends with customers.

Because once you

with customers to establish the relationship between friends, will become more subtle relationship between each other, but this is not conducive to sales reached, we like from the hands of a friend to buy things like when we buy things from the hands of a friend, we often think that the value of the product itself is not imagined so good however, the main reason to buy from the hands of a friend is because of the relationship, the idea that we would feel from the hands of a friend to buy things itself is in the care of friends business friends owe us a favor. read more