The use of top hat strategy website

recently read "Chu legend", see the ancient army, especially when someone can have success, there will be people who support him, then will attract many famous Magi allegiance, as Lord are often able to fully grasp the effect of people’s psychology, to give them the marquis. In order to maintain national loyalty, and constantly expanding, until the success of that day, this is actually a "top hat" strategy. Similarly, web site operators can also use a similar "top hat" strategy.

psychologically, many smart people love to others hat, when to give each other a honor, often on the other side to be consistent with the honor, in order to maintain the honor. Top hat strategy originates from the innate vanity or pride. Here, vanity is not a derogatory term. Vanity desires hearts to be accepted and valued. People always want to be recognized and respected, this is the reason for the success of the strategy can flatter.

everyone has their own tags, and smart web operators give their users names such as labels, which have a subtle psychological effect on users. In Web Operations, many communities know how to pressure members through the name itself. Once a member is given a title, a member makes a commitment to the site, and tries to make it a bit more consistent and contribute more to the community.

(a) such as Baidu know is a user question and answer platform, Baidu itself does not produce content, Baidu know more in order to encourage users to answer questions, answer questions of high quality by granting titles, user name, user for more stimulus contribution, as shown below.


while Baidu library, in order to encourage more people to share, but also set a leap forward progress award and brilliant achievement award, stimulating more users to participate in contributing content. Not only personal honour, but also team honor. When the team wins the honor, all members are obligated to maintain the team’s honor, as shown below.


(two) we look at the use of "Tencent Soso Ask star", to show the outstanding user in the community, so that they can show in front of hundreds of millions of users, the Internet brings honor, as shown below.


Of course, Baidu

Post Bar Tencent soso just one or two cases, almost all successful Internet sites have similar signs, through the clever design of the title of honor system, create prosperity for the website and community. In the "top hat" strategy, we must also bring me the following points, otherwise it will lead to the opposite strategy.

in the actual operation of the website, pass >

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