New sites in the SEO need to pay attention to what

new sites in the SEO need to pay attention to what? In fact, need to pay attention to the place is a lot of, and some specific methods of operation, I will no longer introduce, and I today mainly talk about the need to pay attention to a few big points. As long as you new Adsense from these aspects, I think the new station is up quickly.

these two days I also have a new station just on the line, the station is not what, for busy filling the content, while the leisure time to introduce a new SEO in some points.

1. server stability, that’s for sure. Stability is first. For example: I used to have a station, that is, the server is unstable, the station that made me is very unstable, so I changed a good server, ranking is much better than before.

2. website structure must be reasonable. An unreasonable website structure, also won’t get better rankings, as to why everyone also understand, I will not say more. The hierarchy of bread crumbs; a treelike structure. Compare with browsing habit, shorten URL, facilitate spider short distance grab.

3. common settings: 301, static or pseudo static, 404 pages, nofollow. Can refer to "Baidu search engine optimization guide", after all, is Baidu’s own things, first understand. Very helpful.

(1) 301, small station recommended top-level domain, Baidu rarely K top-level domain name, the default weight is relatively high.

(2) does not suggest dynamic, if it is dynamic, it is recommended pseudo static, long tail word easier to obtain rankings.

(3) 404 page, in line with customer experience, and Baidu’s website optimization guide.

(4) nofollow, centralized weight. For example, the navigation bar contact information, such as we can add. Anyway, we don’t want Baidu to grab, we can all nofollow off.

4.SEO base settings: title, keywords, Description.

(1) makes sure every page is different, and the entire site gets more keywords.

(2) Title Title: home page is subject and brand word. Inside pages are long tail words. Combined with the word segmentation principle, each page can have 1-3 words.

(3) keyword Keywords: Baidu is now no longer valued, can be set as brand words. If you want to write, you can also write (4) describe Description:, as long as the weight is high, the words in the description can participate in the ranking, even if the title does not contain. Repeat keywords in Description and include long tail words. Suggest the word "title" inside.

5. basic customer experience: navigation settings, head navigation, navigation at the bottom >

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