Six main reasons why the traffic on the website cannot go

traffic is the focus of many of our webmaster friends, a lot of the time you flow up, IP your visitors is not low where the relationship between IP and flow I believe I do not have to say, many people know. Here, I do not recommend you to brush false flow, this way is to put the cart before the horse. Well, what’s the reason for the traffic on the web? I think the main reason can be summed up as follows:

first, how the quality of the web site! If you make a very rough, there is no doubt that visits certainly not to go, but Chinese netizens very picky; especially the web page open speed, more critical, hope that the webmaster should pay attention to this point.

second, website content is rich, whether the original accounted for a large proportion; a site is welcomed by the users, because of his attractive content; have good content and good publicity, so this website is certainly popular. She not only receives the welcome of Internet users, but also is welcomed by Baidu and Google.

third, whether the website is unique, whether or not unconventional; individual station to do well, strong, bigger; must be innovative; otherwise, it is difficult and has been in this industry foothold website competition;

fourth, website updating and maintenance; when many webmaster friends started to do the enthusiastic publicity and promotion effect is great; but, once relaxed, traffic and PR can fall, nine out of ten the reason is no good website updating and maintenance;

fifth, website promotion strategy of the poor; flow, if not because of other reasons, such as the above column to some, it’s because the site in the promotion of the time, the improper promotion strategy; website promotion is a science, it is an art to stationmaster friend; a hard-working spirit of learning and innovation, the courage to explore the practice, to find suitable for their website promotion strategy. It should be appropriate to draw on other people’s methods, but it is not advisable to copy them entirely;

sixth, the content of the website or expand business; we can see Baidu and Google such a large site, they also continue to expand the business, not to mention those of us when we do the site station; for a certain period of time, it is found that the flow has not changed too much, so we should consider whether to expand the business, increase the can bring flow can also bring huge advertising costs;

may, for many webmaster friends, website traffic is often the site of life! Website flow, perhaps a reason, much younger brother, this simple list of points for each stationmaster friend reference, younger brother of the 720 home site ( is the site before long, traffic is relatively less, hope to all the webmaster and exchange experiences, learn from each other, qq290747907


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