Seojiu talk about how to promote new webmaster forum to retain users

many webmaster ask around all day, consultation, how to make a new forum to promote it? Why a lot of people do go? Why am I in the post to pull is not popular? Why do I spend a lot of time, but still not empty forum a person why?. So, many webmaster friends get trapped. Indeed, the forum is different from the site, the site is easier to develop, collect large amounts of data, and then add some original, and even some of the hair, not long before they can bring traffic. But the forum is different, even if you have a large amount of data, others have a look, like a pool of stagnant water, come and go. Forum does not have a certain popularity, activity, then it is likely to be in a long-term downturn, the people can not keep the forum is not up.

today, I will aim at a few points, and the majority of webmaster friends door communication: how to promote new BBS?

1, the first point is important: to curry favor with the search engine. You should do is to let the search engine included, you can first BBS landing to search engine, general 10 days to be included, if hit search engine just update, probably second days included. Submitted to the search engine, if the conditions, as far as possible the post into static. This is more conducive to the collection of search engines, unless you are a strong man, or you have to rely on search engines to develop. A5 has done very well, and now I want to leave the search engine can also develop, but with a search engine can make their traffic turn over a few, that is not better, and not the search engine can not go through,

2 and second are the content. It can be said that a good station, it must have attractive place, content must be what the user needs. If a SEO forum is about the theme of the mobile phone, then everyone can imagine that the station will perish. The content must do fine, what is the theme of the forum? This will let each to the forum people understand or speak generally, look inclusive Vientiane, actually empty, such a jar, others are you forget to look over.

3, the points of the forum are important. A5 later found integral use, add the integral function, obviously than before a lot of hot points, trading area is also very lively. The integral is equivalent to money, no one does not like it, but it is virtual, it is in the BBS, BBS is the virtual world. A lively forum, most of his integration system is very powerful. In addition to some money up and take up the major forums, that we will not discuss other resources, that is nothing. Medal is also a good interactive tool, many forums are well done, and A5’s real name is another kind of medal,.

4, this is also important. Must do interactive, remember: there is no interactive forums, there is no popularity at all. To interact with the user, and so on, a certain forum reported, you go to meet, then the user’s impression of the forum deepened, will cause him second times

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