Stand there must be faith and hope

details do stand why "the immortal faith and hope" before, I have to tell you that I was not a successful webmaster, but after years of toil, I feel gradually on the road. My writing may be a bit childish in the eyes of the experts, but I firmly believe that my experience can give some people some useful inspiration and help, which is why I insist on writing.

do stand why "the immortal faith and hope? Because you don’t just copy and paste the article, not only to gather the rising popularity, not only in the emotion network brings people convenience, you actually win a bill to real income in the future.

how to do worthwhile?

the first step is to let search engines find you frequently,

station after more than a year, you domain use Baidu Search own website, found nearly more than 13000 pages. Of course, domain results do not represent the weight of the chain, but that the breadth of the link. The breadth of the link means that spiders from various search engines can contact your web site directly from web sites in all directions. They then use this popularity as a factor to calculate the weight of your site. So, how do you do this? A SEO expert said, "simple website promotion method to achieve the acme, is the best optimization.". Here is the promotion of the chain. Just imagine, if you are "dedicated", one day the successful promotion of one hundred real chain, even just to the above PR2, IP on hundreds of websites or forums to set up the chain, a month is 3000 chain, perhaps to the chain then only about 2000 a year, it is the chain of 24000 pages or so, how powerful


water stone wear reason, everybody knows. But a lot of people are reluctant to do it, and I used to be such a person.

second step, have to link more quality

this step, some content and the first step in coincidence, here is to say, to make friendship links more quality. How do I do that? I feel that the most important thing is to try to keep the link between the long-term effectiveness of the friendship link and the relevance of content. In addition, pay attention to Links website recently is search engine serious punishment, under normal circumstances, as long as the link to carry out checks, crisis can still be tolerated. It’s like being a friend, a little collision occasionally, as long as you’re a partner.

third, have to make website content substantial enrichment,

this step means that you have to lay a good foundation in the early stages of the site, substantial enrichment of some of the basic content of the site. I’m just talking about websites that rely on search engines, and if you don’t rely on search engines, you don’t mind the content here. The content of a web site is like a meal for guests, such as

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