3 months forty million visits to micro communities How did the news go ahead


WeChat public number opened in August, fans exceeded 500 thousand, micro community opened in March, more than 40 million visits, which is a Liaoning livelihood television news column results.

new media and traditional television media how to combine, many people are feeling the stones across the river. This time, micro TALK invited "news straight ahead" to chat together, how to combine TV programs with WeChat, micro communities, together to promote ratings.

"news front" bold in the TV show for WeChat live audience, while watching TV at home to communicate with the host side, breaking the original TV show one-way circulation, the formation of barrage effect. At the same time, their micro community has become a news clues platform, is no longer a simple fan chat room, but also a microcosm of the local real livelihood.

small micro: "news straight ahead", "WeChat public number" from when to start operation? How many fans now,


straight ahead: Valentine’s day this February 14th, we began official operations, the current platform has exceeded 500 thousand fans.

small micro: fan groups are who are local users? How do you get up powder? How to promote online and offline


front: most fans are from the TV audience, the audience is 9 in the Liaoning area, the rest is all over the country and abroad Liaoning. According to the background data show that the platform is now mainly dependent on the promotion of TV programs.

small micro: who are the operating team? How many people? How to divide the labor force?

straight ahead: we have only one person on WeChat platform at the beginning, just responsible for simple information release. With the increase in the number of fans, as well as the rich content of the platform, there are three people responsible for the day-to-day management of the platform, probably division of labor is video editing, picture editing and text editing.

small micro: as a local TV media accounts, how to do with television programs, and let users feel that there is something new here,


straight ahead: new media and traditional media in the end how to combine, many TV people are feeling the stones across the river, we also have no special clarity of thinking. We are currently in the process of an hour of live television, WeChat platform is also synchronized live, host anytime, anywhere through the WeChat platform and television viewers interact. When the viewers watch the program, they have some personal opinions about the program, or ask questions about the host. They can communicate with the host through the WeChat platform for the first time. This is a very interesting picture, before the audience can only watch TV at home, unilateral acceptance of information, the audience is now holding a TV remote, a hand holding a mobile phone on the WeChat platform, what is the point of view, what advice can be the first time to communicate with people. This is the traditional sense of participation.

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