Electricity supplier stick consumer’s 20 ways of thinking

many owners of retail business, for the time being, do not talk about the advanced philosophy of management and management. One of the most important problems to solve is how to "stick" their consumers. Say simple, that is, how to make your customers like you, including products and services, brand and culture, and then continue to buy, continue to buy. Although the retail industry is selling small things to sell a thing to earn a little money, in a customer who can not earn much money, but don’t ignore the "ant" power, will form a quantitative qualitative change, when there are millions of consumers every day for you with "small profits", you will get the Italy, your business will become big business.

"electricity supplier" is a new retail format pronoun, refers to the business to move online merchants or enterprises. This year, too many people do electricity providers, but do not do much, not to say that they are doing poorly, but because they do almost the same, from the product to the interface, from service to marketing, very much the same. In my opinion, the electricity supplier is also an ordinary business, the most important thing is the product, the most critical is the consumer, this is the two legs, legs — more indispensable, pillar business although you can also walk and walk quickly, but the two legs are better than ten legged man have a more normal, more healthy.

so, in the products under the premise, the electricity supplier should put all energy on how to "stuck" consumers of this core point, in my opinion, in order to "stick" to consumers, not to let TA run away, at least we can do the following things:

1, when consumers don’t fool, every consumer opinions are worth pondering, although you don’t want to cope with boredom, sometimes let out most of the consumer, but please remember to mention the views of consumers is the hope of your customers.

2, the product is the root of all, if you can not be out of the ordinary products, you need to do product value and culture out of the ordinary, this is not just on the package to strengthen marketing, also should use the product to dig the value for the consumer, hard to dig, be sure to let consumers feel themselves, remember.

3, personal information is an important asset you have, but do not abuse or excessive harassment, even text or EMAIL, also should not overdo sth. like the pursuit of love, if she has the meaning certainly will actively respond to you, too much bombardment will only bring negative impression;

4, to establish a mechanism of interaction between you and the consumer, when a web site to do the marketing, the need for a port to receive consumer feedback, collect the user’s voice is the most easy thing, then You’ll see. do;

5 also has a data back screen that tracks consumer behavior and user visits, so you can be sure about the overall situation of your site. But the important thing is not to be confused by a lot of data, just grab the most important ones

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