Explore some factors that influence blog ranking

blog search for blog site construction and promotion is one of the most important tools, in general, as long as they appear in the blog search ranking position for example first, blog can get a stable source of access in quite a long period of time.

of course, blog search there are many additional features, for example, we can improve the speed of web page is Google included Blog Search through Ping, let oneself "quickly appear in the index database of Google, also benefit in ordinary web search.

so, how to make your own blog in the blog search rankings rise? Or, what are the factors that influence the blog search rankings? Below to discuss the decision factors of Blog search ranking rise or decline, although not very accurate, but reflects the corresponding trend is beyond doubt.

first, the same as traditional web search, ranking depends on the correlation between the web and blog search, this is not what good on the blog website also needs in the construction of choosing the right keywords and carries on the optimization.

secondly, the ranking in blog search also depends on the quality of the Quality / Score. In short, the higher the quality of the blog site / Web page, the higher the ranking in the blog. The factors affecting the quality score are:

improves quality scores, that is, the factor that promotes ranking in blog search

The popularity of

blogs is mainly reflected in the number of visitors to the blog RSS. The reason is simple. Popular blogs have more subscriptions.

The potential popularity of

Blogs: by analyzing user behavior in blog search, for example, how many users clicked on the blog on the search results page;

links: the number of times in other blogs’ blog links;

high quality links: the number of times in the blog link of the authoritative blog;

content Tags: blogs themselves and user – defined tags;

is the number of references to the type web site other than the blog: that is not a link from the blog site;

Pagerank: blog site and the corresponding web page of PageRank;

lowers the quality score, which lowers the ranking factor in blog search

can predict the release frequency: if you have been using fixed time blogging, it may be considered by some spam mechanism automatically, including blog quickly in a short time to release a lot of content;

The content of the

blog site isn’t consistent with the RSS feed: it’s also a common tool for many Spammer;

content contains spam common >

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