Give your webmaster friends a wake up take care of your station

Hello, I’m COOSKIN download station webmaster. First of all, this article is my temporary ideas today, definitely not advertising! Because saw the same vulnerability many stations, so I want to find this loophole through detailed talk to everyone, to remind the webmaster friends


say, station site has been for three months, although the flow is not good, but I have great hope on it every day, very hard dot, but also spend money managed by a server, every day as long as there is one time on the stand up management. Later, because there has been no good traffic, Baidu included the ranking is not good, so I set up a log, observe the visit every day are what people, Baidu, Google, soso and Youdao the search engine spiders visit and collected, taking about an hour a day to my analysis log. Finally one day in mid April night, found a IP in the non-stop scanning my station in the root directory does not stop web.rar,, wwwroot.rar scan and could be used as a backup file, a scan about dozens, but fortunately I did not put the backup file like this, but taking into account the scan will occupy more resources, so I put a web.rar file, use TXT document to write "please do not scan my station" and other words, hope that these friends can pay attention to. But tonight, when I see my web page background, found a previously not domain name page, curious to see the open link why hang my website, open on see, is a title of "new bun! Late is no" post (URL:, didn’t see my link to the site, view the source code, I search the domain name, that is the original web.rar my links, just know, originally someone malicious scanning, and then to sweep out the results to share, and to how many people to download. With skepticism, I’ve also made a couple of links, and someone really puts the backup files on the site like this, and it’s not a small part of it,

see these, I think the webmaster is too careless, that scan people really dog in the manger, I don’t want to scold them too much, but I hope to be able to put these things out, to share the webmaster online, only one purpose, to remind the webmaster friends attention, don’t neglect these details the problem, once the problem is the consequences be unbearable to contemplate because of the time! So much today, I hope you can forgive some verbose.

final statement: writing this article not to publicize what purpose, there’s really only one: Hope webmaster friends do not pay attention to some problems in details, check your station, correct mistakes. I hope this article can be reprinted by more webmaster friends. The copyright of this article only mention one point, that is, you must not change it. You can reprint it freely

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