How to win the popular website

I always believe that

super popular website, is also a little bit from scratch, do not rule out a lot of money out, ad will always have the effect, but if a website just stared at IP and flow, perhaps the website will not die, but will not become grand and magnificent, a good website to exist it is the core value of. In fact, we are constantly asking themselves, similar sites have so much we do what, but beyond what we transcend, what to retain the comings and goings of IP; by what will be the next signs of the site, of course we play is not very beautiful, we in various forums, diving, can write advertising, then, if someone just to see a not come, what shall we do?

, our next step is to win popularity, it is our specialty, sometimes always want to ask what the Alibaba three months can be turned out, because at that time no one has that kind of thinking, it seems what website had, all mature, then we also mixed what turned out, the site curing mode to a lot of unreasonable, we are the new warriors, we picked up the hatchet to the powerful opponent, now all recruitment network has been everywhere, I also do the job, but we must be from a number of recruitment because we simulate the enterprise talent shows itself, feeling that we engage in three-dimensional network recruitment, ad look, LIAN recruitment website: believes it has the courage and patience, we will not always be new, we will Let the same site grow to respect the new webmaster, stick to their own website, to the popular outbreak.

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