How do you advertise for novice operators

What is

operation? This kind of problem will appear in various forums, post bar, Baidu know, Q & a encyclopedia. There are also a variety of gods, a variety of answers, from different angles to explain to us what is the operation. User operations, content operations, community operations, activities, operations, market operations, and so on, a variety of articles on them have a lot of classification, here Xiaobian are not mentioned. However, many novice operators read their articles, as if to understand a lot of truth, but after reading, but found themselves or nothing, empty theory, no one can be used for practical operations. It seems that everything is right, and there is no way for us to refute them, but for the people at this stage, the actual help is very small.

below Xiaobian to talk about my mind in the so-called operations, by the way to share with you, an operation will use the ad placement strategy, this is definitely after everyone on the use of. Writing may be relatively shallow, there is not much truth, the text will not have too much rendering, it does not look gorgeous, I hope you do not mind.

as an operating Wang, Xiao Bian naturally feel that operation is not universal, but at the same time Xiaobian also firmly believe that enterprises are not operating is absolutely impossible. Operation = pull new, retain and promote live, these three points I will not explain, everyone knows, online introduction also a lot. Xiao Bian just share personal understanding of junior operations, intermediate operations, advanced operations, and how to advertise.

: the primary operation is well understood, the giant odd jobs, all things are you doing odd jobs, all the dirty work, dirty work focused on you. A lot of out of order to various forums registered trumpet, the intermediate operation of written text, answer to the Baidu know about their products above a lot of problems out of order, occasionally get some question and answer, or for those WeChat operators, is every day to edit some false original article, released to the public. Not to mention, this is a process that every operator must go through.

intermediate operation: intermediate operation it should be started on the one hand, the development of their own good, as known as the God of the above you, the intermediate operation is the so-called user operators, content operators, community operators, operating activities, market operation, data operation and so on, can become a specialized intermediate operation.

senior operations: Xiao Bian now also from senior operators have a great way to go, there is no way to tell you clearly what advanced operations in the end is what. Can only tell you that I now understand temporarily, intermediate operation is good at the above described in various operations of a skill, and advanced operation, is to introduce all of these included. Each kind of intermediate skills skills are used, which he has to write good soft, make high impact activities, and the control of the data, the investment in advertising, write a copy, proficient in Visio, Axure, GuiDe>

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