A webmaster’s unforgettable Mid Autumn Festival

Two days before the

is China traditional festival, Mid Autumn Festival! If usual this holiday I usually at home with his mom and dad spend the holiday, that is how happy. But this time it’s really hard to forget


I just graduated from University, Graduate came on Jervois, under heaven’s battles. Hangzhou is also the first time in my life so far out of the door. After initially came, did not find the ideal job, but for the sake of life had to find a thing to keep his life. I have a few a friend is the site, said can keep his life, so I also have a webmaster life. Built a 163 novel network (www.16395.com.


because the novel stations started construction. So there are a lot of things to be modified to repair, really good trouble. Even before the two day of the Mid Autumn Festival a memorable morning. Early in the morning, the original can also go out, know that bad weather, heavy rain. It is morning for a long time. The weather is cloudy, get the whole people are not what mood! No way, had to stay at home, all my novels. But the whole station is a day. Even meals are forgotten. In the evening when my mom called me and asked me how to live I feel shy, just said. The lie told friends together very happy. Hey! Is really poor. I ate a bag of instant noodles! I believe that many people are like me! In fact, do the webmaster really hard. In order to their own website. 18. Day and night I Laughton. I wish all the webmaster website do fire and fire! Make a lot of money!


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