CN domain name policy adjustment is the online version of wolf come story


was a child, he read a fairy tale "the wolf". It’s still fresh in the memory, and I’m sure everyone has a little impression. A boy often and often tease adults, adults to deceive the wolf. Later, the wolf really came, and no one would help him, and many sheep were killed by the wolf. At that time, we were told that lying is a bad behavior, that is, not respecting others and losing the trust of others, so be an honest and good boy".

A recent

CN domain name registration policy adjustments, "CNNIC plans to amend regulations officially registered" open to individuals from the CN domain, CN domain name registration is open again to limit personal, personal registration, looks like the Internet situation improved, but the re opening of the CN domain name registration does not restore the confidence of the domain name CN webmaster. The adjustment of most people continue to wait. A survey on the A5 forum showed "CN domain name registration open, you can register?" 471 people participated in the voting, 337 people voted "no, later don’t have CN domain name", the proportion of the total of more than 70%. Although CNNIC is not lying, it is hard to gain support from a self contradictory policy.

Recently Google

event tends to be calm, because Google has a good reputation, although before the statement left, left at the end, but still won the China support for Google users, welcome to stay. But for the CN domain name, even if the policy adjustment, it is difficult to restore the confidence of its users, from one yuan registration to restrictions, and now re open registration, there seems to be no reasonable reason. Cn domain name registration situation no longer, CN domain name market cooling, even late CNNIC re introduction of preferential measures is also difficult to retain the heart of the Internet, because CNNIC’s image has been greatly reduced, "the wolf" story to let people give up the domain name cn.

the overall level of China’s Internet development is relatively backward, because of social institutional reasons, restrictions are also more. After the reform and opening up, the call to go out of line with the world, but the recent internet remediation seriously affected the normal market order. The implementation of some policies is only a product of tough measures. It is not the demand orientation of the market. Such irrational and illegal policies and measures will hinder the development of China’s internet. Network remediation movement has not been recognized by Internet users, related policies have repeatedly been questioned.

China’s network development must be in line with international standards, relevant laws and regulations also need to constantly improve, such as CN domain name policy, serious contradictions, but also in the domestic similar situation is still a lot. The imperfect law and the poor implementation lead to the slow development of China’s internet. Today, the site remediation measures are too serious, many things have not been implemented in accordance with the law, resulting in many individuals legitimate interests suffered. The harmonious development of the Internet requires more perfect laws and regulations. The contradictory network policy will eventually lead to market confusion and eventually affect the Internet process in china.


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