Guan Peng talking about the status of small and medium sized nternet under the cold winter

Ma Yun said, "winter is coming, and we must be ready for the winter."". Professor Lang Lang, an internationally renowned economist, said, "winter is not here yet. Autumn is just around the corner. We should all be prepared for the cold."". Suddenly we had a "winter" of the Spring Festival, ushered in the new year in the spring, although full of warmth, for our small webmaster economic crisis brought about by the "winter" is not far away from us, the situation is more difficult, it is no wonder that the big fish out put forward the "heating" the slogan, only stronger to spend the winter in the internet.

The old

K as long removed from the circle a commoner, years ago, followed by GJJ, several boss figure king fish together in succession around the party participated in many webmaster, the biggest feeling is that although the environment is cold but the webmaster heart is very hot, their passion when I attend the meeting of the doesn’t feel cold, they agglomerate to actively participate in the exchange of the scene feel the real connotation of "unity is strength". Although the enthusiasm is not reduced, but undeniable, as the economic crisis struck, national supervision increased, small and medium-sized webmaster day is getting worse and worse. Because of where I am the Yanhuang network engaged in IDC related business, often can hear the voice of the webmaster, a few sites from my personal understanding of the situation in the winter the most affected are the video, talent, fiction, class pictures, the site of several kinds of property. Simple talk about the status of these kinds of sites.

video site: because the site uses a lot of bandwidth costs related to bandwidth and server load leads to high has long been relying on venture capital in maintenance, and with the spread of the economic crisis on the other side of the wind day is not better than natural reduced investment spending and now with the copyright office and the state intervention in the vulgar wind blow many video sites in step one disaster after another. But for the small owners, large video sites days are so difficult, small day is certainly more difficult, so now whether it is to do all kinds of toll free movies, movie sites are facing the survival crisis how to spend this difficulty only another new way.

talent site: due to the current economic downturn, many companies have adopted the method of spending cuts and layoffs in the largest ever employment tide, let the talent market, resulting in a serious imbalance between supply and demand situation, the less need to recruit the enterprises, and the employment needs of more and more job seekers. Therefore, the country’s largest Zhaopin recruitment layoffs are said to be 20%, as well as more talent sites to reduce spending, although the recruitment of hot, but the recruitment of empty seats in enterprises more and more. Many small owners are valued discover talents, so the domestic small and medium-sized talent site also let the present situation meet the eye everywhere, they have to try to keep improving, to get more enterprises through the network above membership value-added services and standards. It is a long way to go, is not easy ".

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