nternet thinking from the media age you still sell products

went to Hubei, a prefecture level city of JM, last month.

met a friend who did business with him.

when he said I was going to meet him, he was happy to meet. He was flattered and flattered.


conference is also quite warm, after the dinner to relax.

he had a massage. I took a cupping and then went for tea.

he did very well, not many people. He added two relatives and helped occasionally.

net profit of tens of thousands each month, pretty good, because there is no staff expenses, and no one and he profit, this income enough to allow him to live in that place rich life.

let me slightly feel a little surprised, he just graduated last year, engaged in micro business for a year, at their own expense to buy the house.

also jokingly said, "buy a Mercedes Benz, good to hook sister.".

thought it was a joke. Not long ago, he really bought it.

sister has not checked, is unknown.

but I think it shouldn’t be difficult. There’s a car, a house, a income, a young man, a man of good quality.

last month, setting a friend surnamed she, with the rest.

in Wuhan youth apartment, in the whole big Wuhan, became the NO1 in this field, that is, the biggest two landlord in Wuhan.

also got Lei Jun’s boss’s ten million investment.

in waiting for the eyes of the small people, that is really great god.

, as well as a partner now, is also a very profitable owner.

takes thousands of units every day.

in comparison, my qualifications are pretty shallow.

seriously said a little more than a year of entrepreneurial experience.

did not touch the capital market, and temporarily failed to make the product into a much larger card.

I have a

look the rookie.

why can they give me a little thin face,


in addition to a sellers identity, I also have a self media.


from the media, this concept is probably the most popular two years of a concept.

everyone likes to call from the media, from a variety of media came into being, such as " micro business from the media " " electricity supplier from the media " technology from the media; marketing from the media".

there are some large and small, do not understand what is from the media, as if from the media side, immediately tall on.

, I like to follow suit too

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