Baidu abandoned our website what do we rely on to survive

Baidu is getting more and more cattle now. The domestic search engine, monopolized almost the entire Chinese search market, can be said to be successful summon wind and call for rain frowned,! It, do not know how many webmaster so frightened, on tenterhooks. Because Baidu keeps their web site, because Baidu provides them with the survival of the blood – traffic


webmaster to Baidu can say is love and hate, and depend on and helpless. Can only serve Baidu carefully, to cater to his appetite. But even this can not escape the fate of being strangled. Not long ago, Marx was banned by Baidu, and the whole country did not know how many movie station owners fell from heaven into hell overnight. Many people can not believe their eyes, wake up, site their own domain name, the result is 0, do not believe, and then site, and then site, site, site, or 0, tens of thousands of IP, instant drop of very few. At the moment Marx forum huddled, tragedy was born……

webmaster can be said to be one of the most difficult groups, from dawn to dusk every day of hard work, with their hands and wisdom, with their hard work and health enrich the internet. Is that they let our network life so colorful, let us in HTTP after the countless choices and infinite wonderful. It is also countless unknown webmaster, propped up this once made us very proud and proud of the national brand – Baidu. Now Baidu finally bigger, sitting on the domestic search engine’s first place, so, he changed suddenly, became the master of the fate of the ruler,


Gu Junjie thinks, stationmaster, should just be the controller of internet. What Internet users want is what is on the web. Search engines are nothing more than tools, and websites are what net users really want. But why do we have to be led by the search engines? The reason is simple. Netizens don’t remember our website. All of them need to use the search engines tool to find us.

if the webmaster relies too much on the search engine, over time, he will ignore the real value of being a web site – content. Too much time is spent in the search engine optimization, try to delve into SEO, in the content construction is no more energy. Without content, the website also loses the capital that retains netizen. Maybe through the search engine, I will first come to your website, but I see an empty shell, is full of garbage, all copy and paste the content, so I will not come again for the second time. When you visit your visitors for the first time in statistics every day, you account for more than 90%, and you begin to live a life of terror and lead a parasitic life in search engines.

webmaster, if Baidu does not include our website, what do we rely on to survive?

dear webmaster, it’s very simple. We have to rely on content. Never forget that content is the way to live. < >

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