How to configure the appropriate network marketing team

network marketing is a strategic project of the enterprise, and the implementation of the network marketing strategy needs a marketing team with reasonable configuration, close coordination and strong fighting ability. A suitable network marketing team should include network marketing planning personnel, network technical personnel, content creation personnel, network promotion personnel, network marketing management personnel. How to configure the team, according to the company’s marketing status, marketing templates, manpower, material resources, financial resources comprehensive consideration, with a suitable team, network marketing strategy has been successfully half.

The implementation of

network marketing strategy, can be divided into planning, network marketing network promotion, customer communication, customer service, network sales promotion, online sales aspects, network marketing team configuration is based on the implementation of the strategy needs to organize the right team to perform. The roles and specific divisions of each member in the team are shown in the following table:

marketing phase


work content

planning phase

network marketing planner

1. analyzes marketing information collected by promotion personnel;

2. plan the corresponding network marketing activities according to the plan;

3. takes part in the evaluation of the effect after the implementation of online marketing activities.

network marketing manager

1. develops long and short term marketing plans;

2. participates in the planning of large-scale projects on Internet marketing.

implementation phase

network technician,

1. enterprise website design, development, optimization and maintenance;

2. enterprise website for search engine optimization;

3. network marketing content production technical work.

content creators

1. network marketing copy, promotion soft Wen writing;

2., network advertising, video, animation and other content production;

3. participate in the effectiveness evaluation of online marketing projects.

network promotion staff

1. marketing information collection, screening and sorting;

2. network promotion information release and update;

3., online customer communication and customer service;

4. participate in the effectiveness evaluation of online marketing projects.

network marketing manager

1. monitors the implementation of the network marketing project;

2. coordinates team personnel during implementation;

evaluation phase

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