A novice webmaster difficult Station Road

I securities practitioner, more than 10 years old, is also regarded as an old stock investors. Early with the trend also in gold and other major blog, write some comments such as personal investment experience, but also achieve the best during the day to browse tens of thousands. 08 years, the stock market big bear stop more than 20 years, and when you want to write, consciously has been unable to keep up with the trend, coupled with the feeling that the blog is also limited, not enough to write their own needs. I would like to find my own securities website, and be free to become my own real space. Since then, he began to prepare enthusiastically, which is expected to embark on a difficult road to build a long road.

in November 09 busy securities qualification examination, they began to build the station. As a financial professional origin of me, although more than 10 years of age, but also know how much network knowledge, but web design programming or self-knowledge. As a result, the self-help sites that have been originally created have created personal websites. Is a free website of Internet cafes, hard days down, a station built with ready-made template site program, at first glance, also with an air of importance. Since then, efforts have been made to fill content. This is doing this, what is the daily stock will be written, in addition to the investment experience, popular stocks are also tracking the original content, don’t worry. Then, as the two level domain name of the site, did not submit, Google two, Baidu is also included, within a week to be included, but also can not help but not personal. Although it is personal interest built station, have never thought of doing it by profit, but can be a few big engines soon included, or can not help but be proud of the next.

so a month, see the site gradually shaped, and every day also write some original, constantly enriched. Unexpectedly, suddenly, such as a cold night, the end of 09 began to rectify the Internet, I did not shape the small station overnight into hell. Jiangxi Province, the computer room closed, and even provide self-service self-service network of stations can not open, let alone my free running two level site. The website has stopped for several days, how refresh can not open. Originally wanted to give up, but naturally refused to admit defeat, but I can not put it down. Since the free use of can not use, I pay to buy a space, build their own independent station, you can always, it is difficult for me to normal operation, and not to pull members of any illegal securities sites, really do not let do.

read this together and get ready immediately. The website program will not do, what to do on the network search; source program will not change, Baidu know, not again go to the webmaster forum of learning, such as webmaster forum, novice webmaster forum is regular. So a week down, but also roughly learned several common CMS, such as cloud technology, etc.. Almost the same, simple website procedures are established, it is to buy space domain name. The east side of the check tight, do not dare to buy, we buy the south, looking for a fairly well-known IDC Shenzhen, bought a space domain name, and then it is submitted for the record application. Perhaps it is a crime against the wind, the crackdown during the filing can be really difficult. For 09 years in December 31st to submit the application, just drag at the beginning of February to grant down. During the period of striking one snag after another. Filing up, until the end of the month have no news, after the forum veteran told.

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