20 simple ways to improve English website traffic and sales

The small crocodile

share 20 can be simple and effective method to improve the site traffic, if you have experience of drainage, you can refer to the following methods, may have new inspiration or help you recall some effective drainage techniques.


1. people always like free things, even if it is not worth mentioning the basic course, people will rush. That’s because the nature of man is to gain profit. So when promoting your site, you can consider offering some free e-book to those who wish to enter your email address to your list of subscriptions.

2. if your site in the promotion of products, can provide some free trial product, the premise is to require trial and evaluation of trial experience, the customer evaluation will improve your product convincing.

3. creates or writes an ebook that can build your authority in a field and let the reader see you as an expert and rely more on your website and product.

4. creates a link on the web that converts web content into PDF e-book format, which makes it easier for some readers to read your content. If you do email marketing, you can also make the content of the website CD/DVD and upload it to the attachment, which will make it easier for users to browse your website.

5. offers certain gifts or discounts for every customer who buys your product, which, in turn, turns out to be more of a sale.

6. sets up a recommendation mechanism to reward those who recommend other people to subscribe to your web site, some free products, which will make them even more eager to introduce visitors and subscribers to you.

7. creates a eBook directory and puts all your websites in the book. Give gifts to visitors who have their own websites and let them link to the eBook download link on the site.

8. ensures that your eBook can be easily downloaded and easily diffused, which will allow your loyal readers or fans to easily disseminate your work.

9. conducts market research based on your visitor contact information, which will allow you to find markets that you still have to capture, as well as markets that need to be focused on.

10. opens a niche on the web to advertise other people, or to sell ads, so it can attract those who need it.

11. regularly sends a news letter or eBooks to an old customer, which will make them feel that they have not been forgotten. At the end of the letter, you can recommend other products to them to come back to buy.

12. uploads your ebook to various places so that users can easily see and download it, so that readers can visit your website through your work. >

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