Serendipitously bargain union achievement of Xin’an real estate network

not long ago, I had just hand the car keys, the heart joy and clinking, watching the new MAGOTAN, think over time our company will be from dove can live to high-grade cage spacious office, office area is from more than 100 square meters to expand to four hundred square meters, and the excitement will arise spontaneously. At that moment, I thought a lot, not from the front of the scene ten years ago.

ten years ago, I took 400 yuan from Shenzhen with my heart, that dream, experienced a variety of setbacks, began my struggle life.

may be touched by the spirit of God as I may be he’s really not letting this go, my luck is better than ordinary people, in a few years I earned my first pot of gold in 2006, began to return home. Over the next two years, through their own efforts to establish and successfully run their own web site, and created a private housing organizations – "bargain Union."".

06 years in November, a new social term "bargain alliance", from Anhui to Hefei quickly became popular on both sides of the Changjiang River has become the focus of attention of the community, and at the same time, as one of the league’s sponsors, I also gradually be ordinary property buyers affectionately called the "bargain of the man".

of the non-governmental organizations to organize collective property buyers and developers to bargain for the purpose of a group purchase, half a short time by carrying out several activities for the purchase of housing turnover more than 570 units, saving more than 400 yuan purchase funds. My own creation of the site – "Xin’an real estate network" is also under the pull of the activities, the rapid rise in the number of visits to similar professional web site, was quickly built into a well-known brand of Anhui property sector.

in the local news media said: "bargain union" interpretation of the Anhui property network media "Mengniu" type of development myth.

has a new world,

I am Li Ping, this year 32 years old, born in Anhui County of Feidong, after graduating from secondary school in 1995, worked in Feidong County Bureau, with many of their peers envy was working and not so income. In April 25, 1998, despite the opposition of my family and friends, I took my vision of a bright future with an impulse and extreme self-confidence. Put on more than 400 yuan of money, embarked on the train to Shenzhen alone.

has gone through hardships, through the wind and rain, a hard work, and finally earned the first pot of gold in his life. However, at this time, I decided to give up the lucrative sales work, home business, some people say that I am a fool, some people say that I am full of ambition, no matter what, but I was very clear, because this is what I have already sealed in the dream of my heart, that moment, it was renewed, and callaway. In early 2006, I decided to take years of hard work, savings, and returned to my hometown – Hefei, began to seek the road of entrepreneurship.

came back, but there wasn’t any specific project or plan at all, but he knew he was going to do it as soon as possible

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