Problems to be paid attention to in website promotion

one, internal factors:

1, web content, web content is the core of the site, prompting users to visit your source. The design of your website page and architecture is more reasonable. If there is no content, then you can only call it a skeleton with good clothes. Here users can not get a little something of value, then you will exist in name only, no one is willing to once again into a commodity shop no opinion, even if you store design more attractive. Second, good shops must constantly introduce new sources of goods. You should pay attention to the content of the web site update, not as a pool of stagnant water, can enrich themselves to attract more visitors, and more search engine’s favor, of course the content of your site and your site positioning must be consistent, you can not be a tree in front of the store clothing store brand, but in selling pork.

2, keyword keywords in the promotion of the website plays an irreplaceable role. The so-called keyword, English is keyword, that is, I hope that visitors understand the product, service or company and other content names. In the search engine optimization SEO, often refers to the core and main content of the web page. Choose the right keywords, we must pay more attention to the correct specification, relevance, density, economy (pay angle)… To… Your site by more people and love, will be your site research effort to point the key.

3, page, design your layout, the overall framework of the structure must be reasonable, the content of the picture is in line with your home page content, the overall collocation is coordinated. In addition, the page does not pile too much picture content, especially FlasH, although it looks more beautiful, but it is a garbage, a page open needs N long time, who would like to wait?.

also, the site should pay attention to the design of the overall framework of reasonable, internal chains can not be broken, a dead end planning a reasonable site map!


4, HTML language use HTML, static page, in the source file with the home page theme related keywords, is the home page promotion is a good way. I’m not born technically, I don’t dare to say anything about that,


two, external factors:

1, landing search engines and classification information: fees and payments; search engine role you will not be unclear, and at the same time, the value of classified information can not be ignored; BAIDU and Hao123 you should be clear;

2, information dissemination, promotion: online and offline; no matter which method is used. And do you remember the name of the site, the way to pay attention to, otherwise suspected of advertising will be "blocked"; it has certain advantage to promote your website; many forms, as long as you can use the with it, as long as appropriate, beneficial and harmless


3, foreign cooperation: links and resource exchange

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