Website design analysis U should follow the three major web site design principles

with the evolution of technology, the art and skills of Web design are evolving. New technologies create new challenges, while new ones require new solutions. We usually work in uncharted territory and need new solutions. Given the limited history of Web design, we must go beyond the current field to answer more challenging questions. To this end, we can learn from other unrelated areas of history, such as music, from which we can find solutions that can help us solve our problems. The following is a short story about Bach in the early eighteenth Century.

Bach and The Well-Tempered "Clavier" in 1972, Bach completed a book "The Well-Tempered Clavier" ("Twelve Clavier"), divided into two volumes, each volume of each of the 24 Preludes and fugues. Now it has been hailed as one of the most important works in the history of Western music. At that time, as the 12 main keys respectively to compose is impossible. But Bach composed the whole 12 tones as a whole. It was his set of "the twelve Clavier" that finally proved that the "Twelve law of averages" can be used to compose music, and that the effect is so wonderful that people in the past have never experienced it.

The solution adopted by

in this process is redefining the concept of "blending.". By modifying the intervals to make each keyboard a little off the perfect tone, a tuning system is created that allows people to play the tune on all keys. Sacrificing a small amount of individual quality to achieve a better overall effect is called the law of averages". Although the case is not related to the design of the web site, the purpose is the same: to make each keyboard a little defective so that the keyboard is perfect as a whole.

What does a

UI designer need to do,


in recent years, the design of multiple devices has become one of the most exciting developments in the field of Web design. Before the main concern whether the site is available in two different browsers running on normal, now transferred to a variety of equipment, whether it can be completely different with the characteristics of the normal operation of these devices with different screen sizes, different performance, different environments and different interface. While responsive design and customized web sites can help us design for different experiences, there are many times when we have to make a unified decision. At this point, the concept of average law may be helpful. The concept’s application in UI design is a simple process: in order to design a good experience for a range of different devices, we must allow certain interfaces to occasionally fail to be perfect. We have to make a small concession to ensure that our design is well adapted to other circumstances. Touch first design has a "average" characteristics of the site, has touched the interface should be to the latest desktop web design. On the occupied area, fingers should be larger

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