Some experience and experience of doing stand

, you are all big brother, I just talk about my own ideas, there are wrong places, pointing out, we exchange together……

welcome to my station to see under the guidance of ice / QQ space forum


1. positioning

I do feel station, the most important position! It’s like a big company, you need to determine the direction of development of the company, because it may decide what you can not succeed! Go to a place selling cars don’t have food to eat, I feel this bad attention through

!We do not know how to locate

?? in the beginning I started from the picture station, later found the worst! Because in China a simple picture of the new station is not possible in the Baidu to a good location! I feel so small but positioning should people do not more! And your group must have the habit of surfing the Internet, is to have such a group! For example: in the beginning, I was feeling, do a professional hipop station should have good traffic and revenue! But add the contents of the acquisition may not be good, even if it is manual is not very good…… It’s better to do what others haven’t done (and this is unlikely, only to be done by someone else), but there is a potential market.

2. seriously,

estimates that each do stand, there are a lot of garbage station men, I also have! But the overall feeling is serious to do stand up! Baidu and Google are becoming more and more difficult to do dumpster, not a fixed one, the web site in the search engine has no good ranking! No bonding site, garbage the station has become more and more difficult…… Now do yourself in an experiment, himself a station, completely original, updated every day, every article insist on starting from the user, the website be optimized! Found in Baidu do keywords ranking up soon, so say: thousand million said that seriously do

station is king!

3. summary about the website

content repeatability, although in the current form, the content is completely original, there is no possibility of any repetition with other sites have almost disappeared. But it’s important that you have your own content at any rate. Even if you have very little content and just modify the content of someone else, that’s your own content.

don’t add too many page objects that have nothing to do with web content. It turns out that, unless there are certain types of websites, otherwise, the average personal web site visitor won’t be interested in the large amount of (more than 10) links and the content of the XX chain on your web page. So, set up links to do not affect the overall beauty of the page is appropriate.

content should be as fine as possible, at the same time, the number can not be too small, otherwise it can not attract repeat customers. Best >

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