Outside the chain of skills high quality forum actual combat

the importance of the chain is self-evident, is the optimization of the daily work of practitioners. There are many ways to the outside of the chain, the chain forum is one of the more common, because the number of giant forum, relative to other way chain audit is relatively loose, although rumors of search engines reduce weight forum outside the chain, but if you can do the chain in some high weight forum, the effect is good the. Note today, how to put yourself in the high weight BBS published, the chain of skills and share with you.

first, select forum

selects the forum’s principles

1, Baidu weight, the PR value to be high, if there is no weight, PR is not high, even if his audit is very loose, you can put the anchor, the text also do not use, because it is futile, it will not bring results.

2, included in the volume to be high, generally good forum included in tens to hundreds of thousands, less than ten thousand of the recommendations, we should not use.

3, select seconds to receive the forum, if in line with the above two conditions, included basic very fast.

4, the key word library to more, large flow. This reason is very simple, you send the post must be someone to see, there will be traffic, visitors click on the chain, the effect will be good.

second, how to find high quality forums

this is the key forum outside the chain of high quality forum, very good looking, you can search relevant keywords in Baidu, the problem is the high quality of the forum more stringent audit, some local mobile phone verification, even if the registration is successful, must upgrade to a certain level can stay connected to the signature or post. How to solve this problem? I found in Taobao have specialized shops selling members of the forum, the forum is the basic quality of the forum, the membership level is relatively high, can be directly with links in the signature or post, this cost a little money you can find a lot of high quality forum.

first, how to post


found high quality forum resources, and with members, and then is to post, leave the link. Pay attention to some problems here.

1 high quality forum for their more stringent audit, so the link degree to grasp, in general signature links in the audit is relatively low, the post will leave the basic link shield, if serious will be banned, so a start in the post post does not leave the link, leaving only the anchor text in the signature, released after a period of time, you can try to add a link in the post, see will be deleted, if not blocked, then the operation can be so. In short, don’t rush.

2, select the fixed plate, first find good articles, and then post, which will greatly save time to post, improve work efficiency. For example, the author has ten high-quality forums, I will choose "decoration plate", before the election, choose good >!

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