Talking about the complex that you and your website have to say

love IT this line, put it on the high fine and hot, spent five years study, hard work pays off.

to the website this line also small achievement, that is oneself have a website, also be regarded as a grass root stationmaster, in the website course, I have done the non mainstream station, have done the game portal website, have done shopping website

remember before graduation, the director of graduate work, when I work, very happy at the time, said the website according to your idea to develop, will have a development prospect, with his comments made my heart is very uncomfortable.

graduated from school, assigned to work, but also face a dilemma, Dean and teacher wanted to let me stay in the school website, repeatedly talked to me, let my heart, to the dean’s office number is also gradually up. Talking about a lot of future development, he is going to set up a yellow pages website, it needs a lot of technology, and he read my works, it is exciting. Want to train me well, do not say to be a top expert, from? Will be a technical backbone,


watch the day pass by, and graduation is coming. I’m going to sign a contract with the school, right here. A friend said to me at

I abandoned the fixed work, the school came to Xi’an, came to the beautiful city, I see the reality of society here, life is tough, but the home support, it is difficult to find a job here, no one will believe that you have good technology, will only believe that you are just graduated, what don’t know, but it had never worked for the website.

in Xi’an I do a business, do a logistics, you have done sales, telephone marketing, network promotion, but are not very long, up to several days, with a tired heart I came back home at home all day watching the parents busy, and I never stay at home step out of the house, quiet in the network game,

slowly in a few days time, have been accustomed to the quiet life, I chose out in time, met online in a Zhejiang game company in the chat with him, he also saw that I have a future development of the network, so he invited me to Zhejiang to follow him. I decided to take a simple salute with the ticket, and once again from home, came to this strange city, every day late at night, to optimize the game test,.

will always be disappointed, and finally see the sun. Sometimes I’m too idle at work, and I remember the website again. That hobby that I’ve never been able to put into my mind. We use leisure time to do a simple Taobao ranking website ( in order to keep abreast of the trend is Taobao, and I have my own shop in Taobao, always doing the understanding of Taobao, do not stand for a long time. The network update is too fast. I almost didn’t keep up with the times. I also spend some time every day studying the website. Also learn >

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