The choice of quality is the key to Taobao’s guest program

good Taobao customer program can help webmasters achieve their Taobao Commission dream, with Taobao’s development, many webmaster want to obtain a copy of their harvest in the development of Taobao, and Taobao started off hot trip. But in this fiery journey behind, but it is the executive power of the improvement, do Taobao guest first step, you need to have good execution in the station under the conditions, choose a good scouring procedures.

from the beginning of the single page Taobao customer program to professional Taobao off the program, they are more or less by the search engine restrictions, with the increase of Amoy webmaster, Taobao customer program has gradually increased, in the face of a variety of Amoy stations, Amoy owners will face many difficulties in the selection of Amoy station program, because they not what kind of program is to establish Taobao passenger station Amoy favorable program, in the face of this situation, the author share how to choose the appropriate program to help the success of Amoy Amoy owners according to their guest experience.

select the Taobao customer program must pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of resolution free program, there are many websites launched Taobao off free program, the program is a free technology developed by Taobao Adsense appeared off the program, and the program has a lot of disadvantages. We met when I abuse free program at the beginning of the establishment of Taobao guest website, through a free guest program established a guest website, website in operation after 10 days has been Baidu and Google and other search engines, when suddenly the site generates home a moment’s pen tip: generation home defeat. Then I will be the site of the code in detail to clean up, perhaps the technology is not in place, clean up after the website program face a complete collapse, the whole site can not be opened, the author finally gave up this website.

The author suggests that the

analysis in the choice of Taobao Adsense off procedures must do the free program, will choose a good free code, distinguish folders sorted out, let the whole website showing a rational and normative development, so as to ensure the webmaster site is not damaged.

choose to charge fees to pay attention to program authorization and price, abuse free program too much has led to the development of fee program, now appeared on the market a lot of Taobao charge off procedures, the Taobao customer program has a lot in common: access rights management site through authorized form, two is the entire program is to rely on a month or a year or a lifetime version of operation, three is the charge program can provide technical support service. And when Taobao charges off procedures to build the site to pay attention to the guest program of the customer service attitude, customer service program service and business reputation and so on, only deal with these problems to your Taobao customer program is with good technical support and technical services of the site, to get a promotion force for the site the development of.

The author suggests that

is now more popular on the market Taobao customer program, a lot of Amoy, Amoy Empire Official and so on many of the charging procedures, Amoy owners in the choice of program >

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