QQ station and novel stand insist is victory

first please allow me to introduce myself, I am trading network owners forum moderator: Jack, to publish this article not forming the article here, I would like to reiterate: I’m not speculation, not AD, I just have a little found in the work, I found that I hope I will have it the size of the guide or help for some webmaster.

QQ station and the station in the novel many webmaster eyes have been included in the "trash" blacklist, the reason included in the garbage station is also very simple, because most of these station data sources are very easy, and very spread on the Internet, readily can collect tens of thousands of data, building a website is the most important is the content of the data, but also because these novel QQ station and station data information overflow and to ease, many webmaster and novice website rookie chose to do such a site, but to make these sites in the original flooding on the basis of the "rotten", so, the site in the search the weight and the amount collected is reduced obviously, obviously this kind of site site value than other sites in low value, mutual acquisition, search by K drop right, site price The value fell under the condition of a lot of people choose to give up, but in some Adsense everyone to give up in the process of copying do stand has been quietly stuck to the original, even after their own "processing" of the original, they always insist on.

during this period of time I have been in charge of Trading Forum website transactions plate http://s.bbs.admin5.com/forum-212-1.html, in my daily collation and review of these trading posts when I suddenly found all over the growing demand QQ station and the station novels more intense, and even many customers have been looking for a deposit we let us help them commissioned to buy some the novel QQ station and station, this time Trading Forum QQ station and the station number of novel trading more and more, and the price is very high, the market in a short supply situation, a lot of people are ready for the money but can not buy the station, see this situation, I think of those QQ station and novel station said: when you stand to reflect the value, you do not fall down right in the collection and copy, search storm, in such a Good situation, if you can sell your website for you and I think this is a very good income, for those who have the technology and time of the webmaster can also engage in crash site, optimize the flow out immediately shot to sell in a short period of time, you do not think it can bring you great return? Hope our webmaster can ponder.

I personally have not done

QQ station and novel station, above the thoughts and opinions of just getting in Trading Forum in the management of some of the insights and ideas, the hope can give the Webmaster Help, if what is not the right place also hope Paizhuan, I wish the webmaster, do stand well in health here, I hope you stand can reflect the maximum value in our trading forum in Admin5.

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