Site photo filing system or eventually become a mere formality

A few days ago,

wrote an article "on the implementation of the new deal, the overseas website space is not the best choice" published in A5, resulting in many webmaster denounce, actually we know that anger doesn’t come from my article or my point of view, but the webmaster is really a new filing system of the whole. But to be practical and realistic, no matter whether psychological acceptance or not, the overseas server is sure to be deficient in its speed and stability. Today we put outside the host regardless of right and wrong, the topic is still taking pictures for the record site. Shanghai website construction of well-known enterprises pilot technology, website pictures filing system will eventually become a mere formality, or because of Internet users and the head of the force in the final.

thought a little bit, you know, after last year’s Internet rectification movement, is really do bad information web site, who will or dare to put the server in the territory?. Even before, most of the illegal web servers were also in the United states. I don’t think the Internet regulatory authorities don’t know, so we think it’s more of a task for the website to take photos and record, but it doesn’t play too many substantive roles. Another point is that the China trial system for hearing, why in the Internet regulation on this issue have no hearing arguments encourage the free airing of views, it is worth pondering?.

we learned from the Ministry’s website, taking pictures for the record system was delayed, until June 20th this year began. Photo screen in the Ministry of industry on the record website, a large number of Internet users and webmasters can be a "panic", that is, many IDC enterprises, I think this time is quite a headache. Since the implementation of the new deal, many ways of dealing with it have emerged. The owners have fled abroad, despite sacrificing the website’s speed and price. Including new network M-net, most IDC companies have begun to adapt to market changes, the introduction of Hongkong host or host the United states. More creative, as Shanghai website construction of well-known enterprises, pilot technology received today sent a large domestic IDC enterprise mail, it is the introduction of Hongkong URL forwarding service, in order to avoid the pressure brought by the implementation of new record.

history has told us more than once that any action that does not conform to the tide and does not conform to the will of the public will not last long. We think the site is taking pictures for the record, perhaps this policy in a short period of time there will not be any changes, but in the long term, to promote the creative in the IDC business, will eventually become a mere formality or settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. In other words, Chinese of Hongkong and the United States do not have Internet taking pictures for the record, the development of the Internet is also very healthy very prosperous? Tencent such as Baidu, Taobao and China, how many Internet creative or business model is not a reference or copy foreign? This paper by the Shanghai website construction company pilot technology ( original, welcome to forwarding, but please indicate the copyright information.

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