Rational use of explosive flow of products how to make connection sales more attractive

said the explosion, everyone is very clear, as advertising products, drainage products, its significance is significant, it is clear to all and attention, the Internet also has experience on this boat, a superb collection of beautiful things, not to say, I want to share is, after the explosion models to create something that burst a reasonable use of flow – related sales.

says affiliate sales, in fact, the term explanation is simple, adding pictures and links to other products in baby descriptions for users to click on. Related sales role a lot, the most important is the "hen chicken", a drainage products (HEN) through the related sales, driven by the amount of potential products (chicken) (Sales) and quality (product weight), a "chicken" to grow up, and then the anti feeding shop, shop drive the weight. The existence of hen is always effective, so a normal weight cycle is needed, and the related sale is the most important one.


then what product should be chosen to match the associated sales,


1, similar products in drainage products (hens).

used to seize the user first shopping intention, users see drainage products, feel good, but feel the color is not appropriate, or is a detail out of her mind, and to find the trouble, then your list of similar, and related, both for the selected user selected variable easy and convenient, but also allows users to choose more abundant, so is the customer experience, so the temptation to unreasonable love.

we all know that different categories, many potential user habits are not the same, after all, our marketing strategy is based on the user, so there are some subtle differences.

A, such as clothing, shoes and hats and other categories, our related sales, the main choice of similar. We also bought clothing shoes and hats, are aware of the important details, after all Tastes differ all tastes.

B, such as home, daily, and other functional products, the purpose of our related sales, the main choice related. Functional, critical, very few, because as long as the price, function almost, there will be no problem.

2 coordinates the product of the drainage product (HEN).

, for example, you buy a coat, maybe you need a color and style of a base shirt to match;

, that’s the basic idea of the user, so how do we do that,


boat, don’t pat a head to think, a lot of managers or boss, feel love, love the user said, according to what is often, I think, the user how; as a qualified manager and at the helm, this is not desirable, the subjective meaning is too heavy in this user experience first >

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