Small owners for filing stop is chunwangchihan

domestic website construction, it can be said that in the hearts of every webmaster has long left a shadow, "development difficult", have migrated, the server abroad has become a lot of operators helpless choice. How many of them are forced to dive from the domestic CN registration, you can see the amount of possession. According to statistics, China’s CN domain name registration volume has dropped from the initial 13 million 459 thousand and 133 to about about 3000000. The 10 million domain name to shrink as can be imagined Chinese stationmaster big crisis? And this one is only statistical CN domain name, do not open the record of domestic websites, and even transfer into space are facing record transfer again. Due to the gray area hovering over the filing number, a large number of websites are cancelled on a daily basis. However, in this incident, whether it is closely related to


1: domestic records status

Hundreds of

held in Beijing in May 16th the site against illegal network public relations deputy director of self-discipline convention signing ceremony of the Ministry of industry and information technology Telecommunications Authority Wang Jianwen said that in recent years the rapid development of Internet China, at the end of March this year, China has recorded the number of sites reached 3 million 820 thousand. See the figure, the webmaster can be thinking, what is already reached 3 million 820 thousand, was dropped to 3 million 820 thousand? If you continue to write off down, gray empty record number, but the non access provider access, China website will be to reach the number of million number? And this number to ask who? How many owners choose not to replace the space? This desperation can only run into the gray area of the site. No way, audit slow, even if the speed up to 20 days, the results are still unable to meet the status of the webmaster. 20 days closed web site and redo a web site after development, not much difference?. Is the only domestic webmaster "insist, insist, insist on?" on the other hand, the popular online "quick record", because I have a domain name for the record, the speed is really fast, just a few days off the record number, and record the password. In contrast, the Ministry has always stressed that there is no "fast filing" argument, in the recently not even a paper format does not exist in the announcement carried out the default. Even in Baidu promotion can see "fast record" words, but now in order to continue to respond, there is no fast record of the statement, but disappeared.

two: status of domestic websites

in the record storm, how many small and medium-sized webmaster has been affected? However, even if the record, still can not sit back and relax. Change the IP address is a good example, even some servers directly to check all the data lost, the webmaster to cast to waste. Looking at the current situation, the development of the domestic Internet has been gradually "containment", rather than "mentioned above" to achieve". From the year CN yuan registration, to now prohibit individual registration, CN domain name can be seen. I personally think that a hundred schools of thought contend more conducive to the development of the domestic network, the strict audit system, although conducive to network health, but still in terms of development

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