Website construction of the third generation of thinking is marketing the fourth generation is expe

, I’ve read a previous article about website design: the third generation of website construction. So, what do we mean by thinking? In fact, thinking is that we move the idea of web designers onto the web page, which reflects the designer’s ideas through the internet.

the first generation of Internet thinking is: "beauty", it can be said that many websites were designed by art designers at that time. They have previously shown their content in magazines, magazines, and advertisements, and have built websites with their innate advantages. These websites are guided by the beauty, but they are more concerned with the designer’s view that beauty is the standard, ignoring the experience of the user. This is what we call the first generation of web design thinking.

The second generation of

Internet thinking is: "commercialization", that is, many people experienced the first generation of thinking nurtured, began to consider how to change from the United States to more realistic business. So a large number of commercial websites began to mount. This is a great progress in the Internet of mankind.

The third generation of

Internet thinking is: "marketing", if many people still feel unable to fully understand the commercial nature of the second generation. The third generation of thinking has begun to sneak into us. What is the third generation of thinking, regard themselves as users, their own ideas into the tour, see your web design can search in the search engine, search out whether the page ranking is very good, and very good ranking "is what". We can see that the third generation of thinking, that is, our current thinking, began to pay attention to the power of search engines. We would like to thank Baidu and Google for their contributions.

is the fourth generation of the Internet thinking: "?! I feel more and more mature with the development of network, people understand the network more and more, a lot of pure hope to live search engine website has no market. Then it is more important for users to "experience degrees" and they find what they like to see and what they need to find. Instead of spam and virus codes all over the sky!


so we say that the fourth generation of website construction thinking is "user experience"


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