How can Baidu make me love you

see this title, maybe some webmaster will scold me. Baidu K Baidu not included us, US, pull our hair, why love her? We can’t deny, we hate her, calling her because we have love her, she brought us a lot of traffic.

Baidu has no reason not included new sites, Baidu rely on what? Don’t rely on the content of your site, if there is a good content, he will not included you? So the new owners not to blame Baidu, don’t blame Baidu, but should find the reasons from their own body, should steadfastly step by step and update the site constantly, constantly adding content (content do not collect and copy), link exchange website (link to the best similar as well, the owners of these online there are many, here I will not repeat). If one thousand websites point to you, prove your website is outstanding; if a lot of websites reprint your article, more can reflect the value of your website. So I suggest that new sites do not rush, try to love Baidu!

!Why should

Baidu K? Why is this and the police to arrest is the same reason, the Internet is the Internet rules, if you always cheat, excessive optimization, garbage station typical, keep what you do? You made a mistake, Baidu also follow you to make mistakes, to induce consumers (for example? Note: if you search keywords, "education" and link to a yellow web site, web site optimization that will not be K

?)Why should

Baidu depilates? In fact, the reason is very simple, if you waking people collect the content of the website, the website you have what ideas? I am learning website wave education network is part of the original content, has been Baidu pull hair, but I have to upload a lot of original. Later, a lot of recovery, but the original content will never be plucked.


, you let me do not love you? I statistics, I have 40% site traffic from Baidu, I believe that the webmaster flow from Baidu also many? So please don’t blame and hate Baidu, please try to love her, because only then will she go love you. Just as you want someone to love you, you must learn to love someone else.

now, I also made a sofa industry, have yet to be included, but I still insist as in the past management website, update the site, increase the chain for the website, I believe will soon be included. Because I firmly believe that as long as we do not give up their own, she will never abandon us. Let’s wait and see,


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