Liu Jun from Ma Ruila thought of doing website

Wuhan SEO Liu Junqing rose early to see the news pop-up Ma Ruila "accompany sleep gate" night of eighty thousand cash, it is very simple, a section called "mainland singer Ma Ruila" sleeping "super night eighty thousand" video on the network crazy turn. The whole video up to 2 minutes and 27 seconds of video, the heroine in face of "home business" man, undress, smiled and talked about the price confirmation before "50 thousand night 80 thousand", after it is revealed that as long as the money in place, the three line of the second line singers or actors can accompany sleep. To be honest, I saw the news only 11, the first reaction is to take video to see, the results for a long time, unfortunately, Wuhan SEO Liu Jun did not find the video, have been deleted.

frankly, Wuhan SEO Liu Jun and the wolf friends, see the first reaction to the news was first to find the video to see, but as a professional network marketing practitioners, Wuhan SEO Liu Jun read this thing or to reflect on Ma Ruila’s team behind the hype too professional. As we all know, figures from the long-standing speculation, to the later sister Furong Fengjie, in fact, to tell the truth, when Chen Fengjie is hype team, spent a lot of time, and very creative, let all people in entertainment or said a nausea. In the later wave brother Xifeng was a bit much hype, plagiarism, but still have the original composition is very much. Today Wuhan SEO Liu Jun saw Ma Ruila scandal, Wuhan SEO Liu Jun didn’t see any original ingredients, there is no creativity at all, to the entertainment arguing with each other again copied the unspoken rule the door again. This kind of hype can only make people dislike, come faster, go faster. Just as with black hat do SEO, on the fast down, just like online collection site, site, included fast, K also fast.

the harmonious harmony, the last time Ma Ruila got a what a bunch of people pretend birthday in a bar, also found a parody in Angela Chang like "actors", played by Angela Chang, and sent a group of people around him, and appeared on camera in "Ma Ruila", Chong the past gave false Angela Chang a slap in the face, the results did not cause what happened, this was a more boring Ma Ruila prostitution door. I can only say that the relevant departments "K" quickly, do not pollute the eyes of the public.

entertainment no shortcuts, speculation may win the majority of the audience a moment’s attention, but such malicious speculation can lead to be blocked by the radio and television media, blocked, and even the audience actively blocked. When we do the webmaster did not like this, do black hat, mass, group construction, these cheating may get a result, but Baidu is not a fool, to modify the algorithm Baidu does not stop, perhaps one day, your battle group disappeared. The netizen is not a fool, your site is filled with the modification of the acquisition software, hung advertising, users are not careful in, see is mere trash articles, how to read read is not fluent, they point to your spam will not. Finally, the wide >

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