Grassroots webmaster to learn how to share resources in order to go further

these days open Tencent "series will see the top recommended users to use high-speed browser, and provides" Sogou browser "and" Tencent browser download address; do not think that Tencent will become good because of the 3Q war, actually this is only the exchange of resources of Sohu and Sohu, open the home page, also can see this tips.

, Tencent, and Sohu had been fighting on the Pinyin input method, and this time they were so tacit. The reasons for doing so are likely to be as follows.

now Tencent’s reputation is not how good, if rashly to promote their own browser, may cause a lot of people’s resentment, advertising effects may be a light; if you can refer to the Sohu’s products, this will make people feel more choices, can try, like Tencent, users can choose Sogou browser Sohu, the user can select the QQ browser, the user can have more choices, so as to ensure the flow of the choice to maximize.

in addition, against 360 security browser, Tencent and Sohu have a common starting point, not let the 360 browser market share is too large; although each other had deep feast, like the Pinyin input method of the struggle between the war in support of the 360 Sohu like 3Q; the basic interests, as long as the same. All the holidays are the clouds, if it can not achieve better results, then the cooperation with each other may result in a win-win situation.

Internet bigwigs scramble is always so fierce, but obviously have to separate easily together, it can bring more benefits or cooperation. Although we these grassroots webmaster is difficult to have so much traffic and courage, but this cooperation in exchange for win-win thinking is worth our thinking.

grassroots webmaster walking the Internet, the most hated nothing more than peer debate, nothing more than peer disputes more distressing. Website pursuit is ranking, no ranking of the site will not flow, no traffic will mean nothing, so through SEO access search engine ranking is every webmaster in the pursuit of the goal.

is the pursuit of the goal of many people, the intense competition, there will inevitably be a malicious slander interface to each other, like the brush flow, add a negative message to each other, evil means much, think the ranking will go up, in fact the two sides secretly rivalry will only make both hurt, more the same website will slowly climb up, catch up from behind is the truth. In addition, when the two sides infighting makes it easy for users to get hurt, if users have abandoned your website, there are battles between you sense? We should at all times to the user’s interests as the basic starting point.

most of the time, since we have the same goal, why can not give up the fight to share? When appropriate, how to communicate with their peers and resources exchange, can be compared to other site proper booth, allowing users to have.

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