Content strategy of community website operation series


user experience, information architecture, content management system, visual design, interactive design, user surveys, metadata, and other users to help us find and consume content principles, many of these we have to also have a lot to say, then, we rarely talk about the content (content) itself, always feel that as long as the site of these somehow, the content will naturally think of the contents, or just a news portal to do things.


hear the most is "content is king", and then with Web2.0 and social networks are popular, everyone is a producer and consumer content, now even this argument are rarely heard from my recent work, found more and more content is the essence of a website where, regardless of the general news the portal site, or the new SNS, the essence of "content is king" has not changed, but the content of the form diversity, production, consumption and the dissemination of the contents of the way to become diversified. Below I have arranged some information about the content strategy, of course, this is a very general thing, different websites will have different content strategy (content strategy).

first of all, we understand what is "content",


we go to Sina to watch the news, the news is "content"".

, let’s go to Taobao to buy something. "It’s content."".

, let’s go to the watercress to see the book review, and the book review is the content".

let’s go to happy net and have fun farm, so happy farm is content".

these are the actual content, and there are some "invisible" content, such as your relationship. Like the current popular SNS, it can be said that users find tangible content through "invisible content"".

then comes to see what the content policy is (content, strategy),

the content strategy is a series of plans for the creation, consumption, and management of useful (useful), usable (usable) content. Content strategies can not only help us know what we need, but also let us know why we need them. – Kristina, Halvorson,

, the following picture is freehand, translated from content strategy at eBay, I translated it, changed eBay to Taobao, and became Taobao’s content strategy.

know what the content is, what is the content strategy, content strategy why? Now this SNS pop era, but also content strategy? The answer is yes, there are several reasons:

The confusion of

content management

1. correlation is not high – for the sake of taste

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