Talk about problems encountered in trading on Admin5

I basically only know how to integrate CMS systems, and other artists have to work on the internet. Each month generally two stations of the list, the task is all under the Admin5, has been more than half a year. It makes me feel so deep.

hill, a former art editor, I’ve been working with him for some time and the work is very good, but it’s really time for compliments.

other people also collaborated, in addition to a kind of technology not good, others are not good this time mark, he received a task will tell you, the night will help you, see you wait until the evening, he did not even on-line, or is not. There is such a task, I think he is not on the line at night, when the 11 point me the task to someone else, the second day, he turned to my money, that has been done, I said I have to find someone to do it, he immediately called me a liar. Hey, if I do not urgently, I could do it myself.

recently in the QQ group inside 22 artists to find people to do list is strange, I don’t know what is funny or aerobic "zero studio" to do the 1.5 products to me, until the time of the day, according to the image of the king said a delay of one day in accordance with the 20% buckle, have I paid no attention to the work the code, I gave the money to the night, NN, integrated system that can even do that. I faint…… Immediately in the art group to find a person to help me do, but this person will call you to add 20, a short while later, hard, in addition to 30. There is no way for the emergency, but I personally think that, since the technology is not enough, you should not delay this time, I gave you the bill.

this afternoon I sent out a list, the price is good, said to me at night, the night is not online, if I get someone else to do, after all, is already good, if not found, again in the evening I dragged a day to do.


, I met someone like me today," he said. "It’s very peaceful.". Hey……

I would like to invite experts, can you respect yourself, a little time concept, a bit professional attitude, okay? If so, go on. Are you sure you can get one,


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