GGAD network optimization principles of diagnosis enterprises earning 10 thousand knife Yellow Pages

Yang Wenjian network marketing QQ group 33404697 established a long time, I did not say in the group. Now want to enliven the atmosphere in the group so you want to share at least two themes each week with your friends. Today, there is a small M, let me analyze his search enterprise Yellow Pages He wanted to let me have a look at the development of the site, but I think the owner is still how to earn money currently available mainly, there is no profit to the future direction of development.

small M search prices, yellow pages currently go is the classic way to make money: Baidu do traffic, Google receive money. How to double the income on the basis of the original, this is what everyone expects, so we began to optimize the website GGAD.

to do GGAD, Yang Wenjian not only, the highest monthly income to do tens of thousands of dollars. For the optimization of GGAD, my principles are six:

1. The ad position is displayed in the user’s first view.

two, use only text ads, no picture ads.

three, remove the ad unit with low click rate.

four, add Google search alliance, display the relevant keywords at the bottom of the search league or the right.

five, try to use 336*280 and 160*600’s bulk advertising unit.

six, the headline is red.



1, what is the first point of view: the first perspective, is the user to open the site, the first sight of the corner, usually in the upper left corner of the page first screen, this position is the highest place hits.

2, text ads are more expensive than picture ads, because text ads have multiple ad link units that allow users to choose. Pictures just attract an effect, text can really convey information. Moreover, text ads can be more integrated with content, and the matching is also higher.

3, click rate advertising unit will lower the overall price, the so-called one rat died a pot of soup, using GG channel management, monitoring can be no click or click advertising unit low.

4, according to my experience, adding Google search alliances and not adding Google search alliance, GGAD content advertising revenue does not have much impact. Moreover, the Google search alliance’s click price is not comparable to content advertising.

5, the bigger the ad unit. Click rate is high.

6, red is the most dazzling color, can attract the attention of the user focus.

search enterprise Yellow Pages GGAD optimization principle:

search for yellow pages can be called <

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