Network business either first or only

network business is now touted by many as a myth, there is less investment and quick argument, so there are large numbers of grassroots entrepreneurship is coming in, but a lot of water and the wave of the Internet shot dead on the beach, but one is still a lot of people.

in the Internet business it has been 8 years, experienced a lot of wind and rain, 04~05 join a group of fire station at the time, 06~08 years of industry station and let a lot of people standing in the waves, 09~10 years of talent network, such as the wedding network group purchase so many entrepreneurs to see your dream, it is so easy that website, in fact, is not as simple as people think.

first, the website of the pre investment than the original, early a program several hundred dollars or a thousand dollars, just to get a server, now for the record people toss it, the server is better, or space, a stop or two days, a great impact on the website. The site is now difficult to do more than the original, Baidu and other search engines also pay attention to their own interests more and more Dahua, that is to say what SEO, these are to spend money, or could not do to the front, you should think about, if there really is so good, do not spend millions to do a Alibaba a website to promote themselves slowly, handle net will not spend a lot of money in the CCTV advertising.

industry station person can not do it, the website information and consultation is not a person to do it, just copy and paste information is not able to do, the Internet has spread such words: always out of "turn" always also; two is not to be compared with individual companies, either capital or technology can not be compared with the above, is simply the Three Stooges top of a Zhu Geliang, and we are all professionals.

not to say that individuals can not engage in online business, I personally have some experience, right?.

: the best in their related industries, which have their own contacts in the industry, after all, what about the interpersonal relationship, what is the site for, is in fact to advertising, you said to please the public, is pure nonsense.

two: do not big industry, and now there is no good industry to do, and a large industry station, there must be a lot of money and a professional team, or else the site will easily die.

three: a small industry, is also relatively narrow, industries are generally large companies, small industry general big companies do not want to do, for example: I just made a medium frequency furnace Forum (, which belongs to the mechanical processing inside, a small branch of heat under the surface of the processing equipment, the domestic enterprise is about 1000 or so, and I am director of industrial furnace Association, although only nominally, but more understanding of the industry, the domestic casting network is now less than 30, the company is doing, people do not have this > intermediate frequency furnace

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