Talk about personal website optimization how to accept the rational

with the increase of the SEO team, now many enterprises in the outsourcing optimization task will ask: you are an individual or team? Key often this is related to the release of the single enterprise, many business people are one-sided that the team then single person, but the fact is not so, often a team in order to survive will take as much, but there are a lot of these lists can’t be done, in the face of the team orders to complete the task but although the strong rate is not better.

personal website optimization to undertake although can take the task from the surface up, but because be able to accept the task, which also leads to a single focus, if you are a person to undertake the website optimization, you only need to do the following three points can easily pick one of the following, with a talk.

personal orders must be good faith

why individual orders should establish credibility? Because we are a person in the operation of a project, if we can not stand in the industry, a firm foothold, ask why someone would dare tasks delegated to us? Promise to customer site optimization must be completed. There is no way to promise the website optimization task could not be fooled customers, individual and team orders can not be compared, because the team has received a single flow standard, SEO services offer customers in consulting and related information, usually let the team out of their qualifications, but as a person, we do not have their own qualifications can only rely on strength to speak, so we have to consider the orders for the optimization task behind, to know the mouth is to eat a big fat, only with the strength to be able to gain a foothold in the industry.

personal order, moderate price,

undertake as a personal website optimization task, we often quoted price is absolutely the other website optimization is able to trade core elements, because now some seemingly team strength is very strong, the price is very far, I read a report shortly before the refund information for the price reached 9000 yuan, it can be said that this is in a price, but as a person to undertake the website optimization, we should consider their own profits and pay us in quotation, combined with the other key at a reasonable price, not because of a small loss, but don’t be greedy, to understand that we do not optimize only do this task, we are still in order to get more tasks in the optimization task in the future, you can say that if we are not in the price to attract customers, so we What else can I do to attract customers,


the author suggests: the same key word, the team price is 10 thousand yuan, then we can hit twenty percent off, this will help us to accept more tasks. In addition to the difficult words, if you feel that you do not take the task of limited capacity, can not do, because this is the source of their own let ruin.

as a Website Optimizer, maybe I am

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