Analysis of well known websites can not access events webmasters very strong self discipline

on Thursday, many webmasters reflected that the well-known IT portal,, could not be accessed. Suspected domain name was stopped parsing. The author also discovered the situation, and then tried to use another domain name access, found that you can access, but the speed is very slow and the page display is not normal. Click on its blog two level address is also inaccessible. Yesterday, click again, found that the page shows that the maintenance is, so far, techweb’s two domain names are inaccessible.

from December last year, the Ministry to carry out remediation special action program of mobile phone, CNNIC to carry out a comprehensive domain management, Internet illegal websites will be blacklisted and stop dns. Many personal websites because of content violation or server is sealed up or domain name is stopped analytic, one hundred thousand website cannot visit normally. Therefore, many webmaster and net friend suspect TechWeb is also very likely because of the content of the violation, on Thursday before the domain name was stopped parsing, before it has been included in the rectification of the blacklist.

exactly what happened to techweb, we don’t know. But obviously, is likely to be out of the content, speculation may be illegal website comments, but I think if only comment violations, such as the techweb gateway station, has a certain scale and influence. It’s not nearly as fast as a week, and even a backup domain name has been blocked. Some more serious things have been estimated, and what exactly is, we can only guess. In this thorough investigation of the network rectification, well-known websites can not access, techweb is not the first. Today, there is an article on webmaster the list of famous websites that can not be visited and the reasons for it. Inventory of the well-known websites from last year to the near future can not visit the list and reasons. Some sites because the content of illegal reason clear, even permanently shut down the site for being caught, like the Black Hawk stationmaster net and BtChina, but certainly some unexplained alleged violations, was closed a long time still can not access, such as the well-known micro blog fanfou. There is also a violation of the content, but after a short period of closure, rectification, re opened. Like the most recent well-known social networking sites,, the well-known IT portal,, and the well-known blog site, blog bus, domain name, hold event. There are quite a few well-known websites in the process of closing down the crisis.

these websites in the Internet related fields have a certain reputation, and even well-known. Like, a SNS social networking site that invested billions of dollars, says it’s off. The closure of the day caused heavy losses and inconvenience to users. Blog bus domain name stopped parsing those days, millions of personal blog can not login, Internet users also complain unceasingly. The author’s blog is also in the blog bus can not login, the log can not be updated. Some through the blog hair soft promotion webmaster also can’t normal >

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