Operation analysis of female fashion websites from social orientation to user experience

as the main force of the consumer group, women have become an important component of the website operators, and if you take advantage of female users, it has become an important component of many websites with commercial attributes.

and the emergence of women’s Web site, while in full swing breeding, exuberant, and the other is a variety of female psychology, women love to study…… Some women’s fashion website relies on innovative marketing mode, some depend on advertising, some careful analysis of various successful cases, called love net (http://s.www.iliang.cc/) today compiled a simple website operation ideas and strategies, hope to the webmaster friends help.

precise social positioning

‘s so-called "crowd positioning", women’s fashion websites are already in a vertical division, but we still need to establish another precise factor: social scene.

says carefully, we can divide the operation of the website into socialization, socialization and socialization three levels.

As for the first point

must emphasize the "socialization", perhaps as we often talk about the operation of the WeChat "communication" is more specific, different approaches but equally satisfactory results, such as you read an article in the website or any other love beautiful women’s fashion website, the fancy dress collocation, or to the problem about the health is quite commendable, so you can share with friends, which belongs to the social category; if you send a post about the experience obtained after you have used this kind of collocation, this regimen, followed by he reproduced, which belongs to the category of the community; however, if you use these. Finally, to calculate the commercial realization of measurement data, and according to the preference degree of users, the content of each response, continuous improvement, and improve the means of realization, it It is a category of socialization.

to be clear, this is also the main basis for the survival of web operators.

is not just good, but also unique user experience,

‘s so-called "user experience" is not only based on meeting the needs of users, but also on meeting the special needs of users, that is, providing differentiated services.

for female fashion website, "fashion", "female", all is not the difference, instead, it is a concept of "rotten Street", but the more bad street, the difference service requirements is more important.

is content or simple and inappropriate web design? Naturally, the two are best.

about the construction of the content, we here to do a simple expansion. The rigor of content determines the credibility of a website’s "brand", and the "characteristic" of the content determines the "sense of being" of a website". From the screening and identification of each content, to each feature of the content grasp, are reflected in the professional website. < >

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