Baidu these days K station and included the real reason analysis

these days, only a large number of Baidu K station and included in the case, the real reason is not the real K your station, but Baidu spider database out of question. Careful people who do SEO should have found out. These days, Baidu spider database should be such a process:


database in June 1st part of the website data is lost or abnormal, and restore Baidu spider data to the data before February, so many stations in the SITE can not find the time because you just stand at that time may not establish or it wasn’t included, Baidu in June 5th, most of the data returned to normal, but still there is a part of the site without data recovery.

above information is definitely not fabricated, is based on a number of details found.

, if it’s true, put your station K. Then included in the probability is very small, so again included not Baidu amnesty world. But Baidu got his a amnesia, although most have been restored, but has not yet fully recovered.

in order to let Baidu recover as soon as possible, please insist on originality, give Baidu new blood.

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