shlf1314 Adwords advertising keywords must pay attention to the problemTeach you how to improve the

think, if we have nearly two thousand words, of which most can get the top 8 or the first page of search results good rankings, so in the fierce bidding and chasing those expensive words, although these words for cheap, but often can bring us more traffic. Step back and say, even if we only have hundreds of low bid keywords, and even every word every day only these words bring us a few visitors, also add up is not a small number, you see!

four: using generalized


, of course, I not only refers to the number of keywords. Many people use their favorite tools to conduct research on the key words, pick out the search frequency before 10 or 20 of the highest keyword or phrase, and by these keywords to defeat all opponents, talent shows itself. It is also because almost all these words in the auction on the spare no effort, it will result in these words so popular. The results of these keywords will also increase, bidding high staggering. Actually a better way, that is, the best choice of hundreds of thousands have access to higher ranking words.

this function should not be missed! It can help us to more effectively focus on advertising. Through the ad group in 10 to 30 words in focus on keywords, and one by one to create a certain keyword advertising title, we can know which keywords advertising effect is good, and vice versa. At the same time, it also provides an opportunity to test different advertising content title and text content for us.

this money, especially when in a fiercely competitive market, we tend to try to accurate and detailed understanding of the situation. Guangzhou >

shlf1314 Adwords keyword advertising is worthy of a great tool! The proper use of words can attract a large number of highly oriented customers, and make them crazy purchase of your products. But on the other hand, if you’re not careful, your advertising keyword advertising is also empty place. Like any other automatic systems, Adwords keyword advertising also requires continuous investment and attention, we can prevent the The loss outweighs the gain. put a lot of advertising investment, the cost has been minimal return. The following are some of the problems should be paid attention to and I found.

, advertising is the best number of webmaster some control, after all the user login to your site visitors only to find he needed, instead of looking at your website advertising, if the owners put too much advertising, it will definitely affect the user experience of the website, and a user experience not feeling good website, and how could the user will "watch" and "website advertising click on your

two: do not create advertising group

webmaster!In addition to

however, when choosing other Adsense advertising alliance must first understand the alliance are related to our website advertising theme, in a word, the webmaster want to improve ad click rate, it is best to do what kind of website on what type of advertising, because the only way we can improve the user station click on ads, also because the only way we can make more Adsense advertising costs

three: the lack of reverse


a problem. The lack of

! keywordsThis is also the


webmaster after choosing advertising, then we will be advertising, webmaster want to improve the user clicks on the ad rate that is a skill, and the skill to say that it is very simple, is to put ads to the site of the most prominent position, for when they visit your site the first sight of it, so as to increase advertising exposure, as long as the increase of these ads "exposure", so that we can improve the webmaster advertising click rate, we can earn more money


secondly the ads put in place should be reasonable and the webmaster should strictly control the number of advertisements.

keywordsWhen we ?

also for pictures, advertising code should be replaced frequently, not suitable for long-term display of the same picture ad!

in addition to the current domestic shlf1314 advertising alliance can automatically match the relevant ads based on Web content, some other advertising, including sh419 advertising alliance are random or single display, so the advertising content is difficult to match with our website theme, although shlf1314 advertising is good, but we also can not only choose the shlf1314 a Union, in order to make better use of the website space, but also to earn more money, we will certainly put other webmaster provide advertising advertising alliance.

first our Adsense ads must be content with the content of the site,



because my space material website is just on the line of the new sites, not from the major search engines of what traffic, plus I am not what my master Master promotion, so the website IP every day but 50, but PV 100, but the advertising ratio reached almost 10 than 3.4, too that is to say in ten users, 3.4 users will click on my website advertising, although I do not know the high hit rate is not high, but I feel very satisfied, while there is time today, I share in this is how to improve my personal experiences in advertising rates

must do, but also very easy. Just add -free or any other don’t want it to appear at the same time with the search word, thus avoiding the burden of those facts of your advertising is not interested in people who click on your ad and the advertising expenses.

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