The chart or the beginning of December on the Hong Kong exchange raising 800 millionSee how the old

good water: did you find ways to make money online?

A: because personal income is not high, so in the Internet to earn a little money has been my personal goals.

members of the board of directors of a total of 7 people, including Cai Wensheng, Wu Xinhong, IDG partner to Acer, innovation works chairman Li Kaifu, director Gao Zhenshun, chairman of the group of 58 to CFO Zhou Hao, Luo Shiwen holding group Regal Hotel.

product data, Mito prospectus, as of June 30, 2016, total monthly Mito’s live number 446 million, which Meitu Xiu Xiu live number 103 million, the United States took months to live 141 million months to live, beauty camera number 113 million. BeautyPlus months live 36 million, tide self timer number 24 million, beauty camera monthly number 1700>

Cai Wensheng Wu Xinhong holds 53.83%

A: So then began searching the transaction information in this area, over time, a small harvest, until the end of the year income of nearly 5000 yuan. In the constant process of trading, I gradually realized that to do this transaction, pay attention to some of the important parameters of the site: PR,

: in 2007 September, where in the Admin5 forum found someone close connection, then contact with him, and he is very easy to make a connection transaction. Don’t tell the truth, the price of a PR5 is 10 yuan.


is a dream of making money, but never stops.

this year the evening of August 22nd, the Hongkong stock exchange disclosed the MiTo company prospectus last night, Mito company listed on the main board of Hongkong, underwriters Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, China Merchants securities.

good water: what happened then?



is worth mentioning, Mito company has completed the C round of financing announced after A, B, C three total amount of financing $360 million, and the prospectus disclosure of information, that was not false financing or water situation.

below Mito prospectus disclosure:

Mito prospectus shows that Mito since inception, a total of 5 rounds of financing, the total financing amounted to $501 million. Specific circumstances: November 7, 2013 was $5 million in the first round of financing; January 28, 2014 completed a $55 million A round of financing; June 12, 2014 completed a $115 million B round of financing; September 2015 completed a $190 million C round of financing; April 19, 2016 to June 20th completed a $136 million D round of financing.

good water: it’s easy to find out what links you can make. What do you do next?

Department of various types of information, all can be downloaded. In recent years, although the site in a small, but my personal ability is very weak, do not understand the SEO, so the website traffic is always not high, the profit is almost no, a few years all by themselves on the network interests persist, but

1: Yeah, oh, do not understand at that time. Now feel shy, to know that I was PR5, included more than 4000, at that time did not know about their website PR, included, only feel a small connection to sell 10 yuan, you can also.

has been earning no more than more than 10 thousand dollars in short messages for more than 2000 years. That’s my initial income on the internet.

1: through continuous learning, I re positioning do station direction, determine the long domain, based on the continuous improvement of the site, developed into today’s MP4 download station www.tv5e www.youkuxx. The site currently has nearly 5000 movies, nearly 200 thousand

Mito’s business model source: Mito prospectus

1: as a new Internet website, there are 2 or 3 years. Not afraid of brothers jokes, do so many years of Web site, but did not make any money. Their initial site technology is not mature, experience is not enough, the site can not say how much traffic, the

good water: since there is no money on the Internet, why still reluctant to stay in the network?

good water: 07 years PR5 site, a link location, you sold 10 yuan?

included, updates, etc. >

      1, good water network of the history of their own simple introduction!

technology news November 18th morning news, according to the latest news that Sina Technology, Mito company in Hong Kong IPO has passed the listing hearing, or beauties will be held in early December in Hongkong IPO, next week began roadshow pictures will be completed up to $800 million of funds.

IPO cumulative financing of $501 million before

products live 446 million, Meitu Xiu Xiu 103 million

equity structure, major shareholdings: Mito Mito CEO chairman Cai Wensheng 38.32%, Wu Xinhong 15.51%, tiger fund holdings of 10.95%, IDG Capital Holdings 8.91%, Qiming Holdings 7.65%, Huaxia Fund holding 6.59%, Innovation workshop 3.61%, ceyuan 1.89%, H capital 0.63%.

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