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Abstract brain travel through VR provides a one-stop content aggregation service for mobile phone users to watch VR video VR.

Snoox currently has only web pages and Facebook editions, but the company emphasizes it later

if you’re going to release the latest product recommendation post, Snoox can also quickly find relevant images, links, and product information for you to choose from. On Snoox, each post seems to take on a sense of responsibility, as these recommendations come from friends. Not only that, they are attached to the recommendation post, directly to retailers.

Snoox is different from other recommendation services because of its strict restrictions on the scope of the recommender. Snoox is not required to score countless strangers or vote on a certain product, and just make your closest friend make recommendations, these people recommend products and services will undoubtedly be of great advantage for the more credible, all businesses and users.

Huang although is 70, but is not as we imagine it as a love he is experienced and steady, engage in creative pursuit of new people. He was also very experienced, first in the hardware accumulated experience, once worked as a product manager at ASUS computer, and then became Asia Pacific product director at DELL. After that, he began to gallop on the Internet, first joined the Innovation workshop, served as chief operating officer of the snack team, and then moved into sh419 as deputy general manager of the mobile cloud division.

VR is a new thing related to dreams

VR APP is the brain through Huang and his team practice results. Brain through VR, specifically for mobile users to provide VR content one-stop experience of content aggregation services, you can watch VR video, Download VR games, to achieve full immersive operation, control and viewing.

VR dimension Meng Qian reported March 23rd

users can also recommend classified as "display" on the Facebook personal homepage, just like putting their interests on the Pinterest’s post board. This information can be useful if users can simplify their interests and let their friends see them.

Snoox will ask users to fill out a recommendation for the products and services they have used. At first, users can access Snoox sites from their Facebook accounts. Next, Snoox will import all of the pages that users like into their web site and instantly create the list of businesses and products they want to recommend.

product recommendation list, if at a glance, can help users accurately find their favorite products, make some simple description of the product, indicating the reasons for recommending to friends. The whole process is complicated, time-consuming and laborious, but once completed, the user’s Facebook personal home page looks vibrant and full of relevant content.

Snoox automatically generates thumbnail options from the Internet, asking for recommendations. Of course, you can also add links yourself and indicate whether this is a link or video from the store. You can even customize some pages with a specific background to represent more personalized elements. After all, these are the products and businesses you want to share with your friends.

Snoox has a very powerful search feature that allows you to search for products through your existing Facebook buddies and also find the information you want through the Snoox community.

Snoox is different from other recommendation services because of its strict restrictions on the scope of the recommender.




in terms of hardware and mobile Internet experience has laid a good foundation for entrepreneurship huangzhuang. From the beginning of the 2013 trip to Maldives, Huang began to study and exploration of virtual reality, hoping to get close to the real experience shared by virtual reality.

with the "perfect" business philosophy, until the summer of 2015, Huang saw major changes in the environment, a unity platform is used more and more mature, the two is the ability of mobile phone is more and more strong, he set up a company. The team is the beginning of the three partner, Huang jokes that he is "Chen Xi," the Tiger Balm responsible for programming and art.

2013 Huangzhuang micro-blog with his family to go to Maldives on vacation during the holiday, he and his wife to enjoy the fun of diving. But unfortunately, his son and daughter are too young to dive, and there is no natural and beautiful ecology in the sea. So, Huang began to think, how can let people see the thousands on thousands of such beauty.

‘s preparation period is very long. He is not only demonstrating in theory, but also looking for like-minded partners. Huang at a meeting with sitting beside him in the game developer Chen Xi, two people share the same interests, hit it off. Since then, Chen Xi as an independent game developer, two people together to discuss VR. Huang said: "often is twelve p.m. the call, he shared his screen for me, I share my thoughts to him."

discovered VR in his search. He believes the need for immersion is not just a trend, but a user’s pain point. How to make the original content and convenient access to people’s vision, and finally become the theme of entrepreneurship huang.

startup Snoox launched a social recommendation site on Wednesday to try to grab the current hot market and recommend a successful market.

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