Two months the factory net zero income but let me make another pot of goldThe idea of plagiarizing


sees a lot of people here unconvinced, venture capital is a noble cause, how professional, they are professional ethics, and not guilty of this benefit and harm their reputation. Ha ha, don’t worry, listen to me slowly.

if you don’t believe, you can look at the contents of the media investors open, they often put the entrepreneurial plan book to interact with each other, the reason is to make friends, colleagues or experts participate in detailed reference, look at this business plan there is no investment potential, the reference can be complex and as long as the investor is willing to, he can give colleagues, colleagues, relatives, friends and experts to participate in detailed, even you don’t know what antecedents people to refer to, even if investors have no idea what, maybe refer to these

~ ADMIN5. Follow the trend in buying plant program can only blame themselves not choose a good area for two months, and no income. There is no sign to continue to grow. I didn’t want what, during hair some soft. Played some advertising. I put .

third: throw all the risk and legal responsibility to the entrepreneur like the previous despot clause

currently active in nearly thirty thousand of the risk angel investors and related practitioners, these people every day watching others venture financing, tens of billions of dollars or sometimes decide to invest, you said he would not be tempted? So that managers own business is too easy, one hand is ready the business plan, one hand is venture capital, how, who can stop the demons? You bet your business not inspired by the entrepreneurial business plan? If not, then why did you want to veto this business plan

in recent years, venture capital industry explosive development, all kinds of people that have reached the venture capital industry, just a venture capital fund has dozens of investment managers, most of these people are not risk investment experience, the character is to bring the negative influence of uneven in quality, the industry is emerging, which is the worst plagiarism entrepreneurial business plan, creativity and technology.


and some friends like to do. Maybe they plant area. Good plant, industrial zone, and the factory network is to buy me a blank. To start thinking about the program. The program would be sold to buy is not so good. I asked to sell program friends. He agreed. Then I will. Sell them. We only sell a few. The program to buy money back more than 100 pieces. Hey.. it is such a case. But think carefully but found good fun.

second: the investment manager often starts his own business like the factory directors of former state-owned enterprises, contracted factories and finally become their own

all the venture capital institutions and investors have a repeat of this norm, you give me a business plan I have no obligation and legal responsibility for your confidential, if you send a confidentiality clause covering the investor’s business plan and the mail, then we will not read, this is how niubable industry rules. I don’t need to take any legal responsibility for myself, but I don’t think even state-owned monopolies will make such tyrants


is a new program, sold to a person. He then sold to other people. And then. He will become the free program? At least when I buy the price is now 200. as long as.100.. I think behind will be cheaper… And then be free… But the first caught the opportunity the earliest sell program people received some water… Just like me.. is also good. I work at night. The sky white mess with some sites. Hei hei. Interested in doing now.. do gender station. Put the plant network. Find a good area. Besides… Hey. Good. I must choose the area the sexes can be good. Station traffic to 700IP. The website is woxmm welcome to see my article to help me learn to stand in sexual physiological knowledge of XX. Oh.. hey hey get help. Advertising is the webmaster. Not easy ah.. electricity mother this month It’s more than 100 degrees. :290098029

Abstract: don’t forget, it’s a dispensable business plan for you. It’s probably all for the entrepreneur.

Article 1: investors from different venture capitalists interact with each other to discuss the entrepreneur’s business plan like a group of men who communicate with women’s bodies, with

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