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today, I mainly talk about the development of the past, hungry, we in the beginning of the heart and work with business logic, DNA, and also to share with you some of our future prospects, vision and mission, and we are going to be such a thing to do with what kind of future way the method is very important.

Zhang Xuhao believes that the future CEO to consider for the user, all of our engineers, product managers do not work for the boss, and more is to solve the user’s problems.

, if history is a long and young company, is it hungry?. "Long ah" means its history is quite long, although we are very young, but we are actually 2>

Phoenix Technology News September 7th news, hungry Mody CEO Zhang Xuhao months led executives, a number of cities preaching corporate culture?. In August 25th, he shared his most complete experiences and Reflections on his 8 years of business in the Shanghai branch.

hungry cut logistics platform at the scene, Zhang Xuhao said at the time there was a little demand in the logistics distribution: delivery staff call this process a lot of trouble, he will hold a single takeaway, telephone number to dial, sometimes ride electric vehicles, is not safe. This prompted him to become a hummingbird. Later hungry, but also to build a logistics network, a model and ecology.

Zhang Xuhao speech at the ShangHai Railway Station internal cultural lectures:

hungry, living here now is because of every opportunity to seize the technical wave,

3 – 15 this year was a setback for hungry experience. Looking back, Zhang Xuhao found that 3. 15 changed his values. Food safety is not simply a matter of licensing, for a Internet Co, how to help the whole society through technological means to improve food safety, is hungry what we have to consider?.

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business for 8 years, what is the biggest reflection? Zhang Xuhao said that the first time entrepreneurs did not want to know the next 8 years the whole social change is what is now the lead to help catch the opponent, this is what the biggest reflection is hungry.

Zhang Xuhao also analyzed the competition of U.S. strategy, he believes the follow-up strategies, striking is DNA of the United States mission, and hungry to go through the innovation of science and technology to create the world’s leading life platform.

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Zhang Xuhao said, "hungry, why can live to the present, because seize every opportunity of technical wave.". In speech. He talked about in the beginning, how to use the technology innovation and business model innovation will lead the opponent’s story, and said, in retrospect, the experience is very focused on the user’s needs and experience, and hope that through technology, products, business model innovation, could not have done the previous industry there is no one in a way, can profoundly solve user needs, in order to achieve a hungry growth.

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